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2147221005 (0x800401F3): Invalid string with class indication - what to do

When performing any tasks with the 1C complex (background data exchange between components, starting the desired configuration, checking the execution of the etc code), an error message 2147221005 (0x800401F3) may appear. » и связана с неверным кодом программы, не зарегистрированными в системе компонентами и другими релевантными факторами. The latter is usually followed by the string “ Invalid string indicating the class ” and is associated with incorrect program code, components not registered in the system, and other relevant factors. Let's see what to do when an error 2147221005 (0x800401F3) appears in your 1C.


The content of the article:

The essence and causes of "Invalid string indicating the class"

Error 2147221005 (0x800401F3) refers to regularly occurring 1C errors, and is fixed by many users. The only effective recipe for its solution does not exist, since it can have a unique basis, and is caused by the features of the program code in a particular system.

However, the following are the most common causes of error 2147221005:

  • . The user uses the outdated 1C configuration . For example, there were recorded cases of the appearance of the error 2147221005 (0x800401F3) when using the archaic configuration “Trade management” when trying to exchange data with 1C “Enterprise Accounting”;
  • (к примеру, обращение к устаревшему «V82.COMConnector» вместо модерного «V83.COMConnector»); The presence of incorrect program code (for example, access to the outdated "V82.COMConnector" instead of the modern "V83.COMConnector");
  • , имеющая важное значение для работы 1С; The system is not registered library comcntr.dll , which is important for the work of 1C;
  • для работы с ним (к примеру, запуск выполняется из гостевой учётной записи, вместо учётки администратора); A user launching a specific 1C complex does not have sufficient permissions to work with him (for example, the launch is performed from a guest account, instead of an administrator account);
  • , необходимый для работы 1С. The system is not installed (not registered) Excel , necessary for the work of 1C.

Let's see how to fix the error 2147221005 "Invalid string with class" in your 1C system.

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Update your 1C configuration to the current version

First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of the 1C configuration. When connecting to the necessary databases to perform the exchange, it may try to use an outdated platform (for example, 8.2), which is virtually absent. Therefore, update your configuration version to the current release, and then try to make the required connection.

Свежая версия 1С
Use the latest version of 1C

Run 1C with admin rights

Make sure that you are running the system as an administrator, and not as a restricted “Guest” or equivalent.

Change the program code

In some cases, the program code may be outdated and not correspond to the current version of 1C. The effective solution to error 2147221005 is to replace the line of code:

COMConnector = New COMObject ("V82.COMConnector");

per line:

COMConnector = New COMObject ("V83.COMConnector");

After this replacement, the error “Invalid string with class indication” can be resolved.

Register the comcntr.dll library

. If you are using Windows 64, it is necessary to carry out the correct registration in the system library comcntr.dll . Click on Win + R, enter the following line:

C: \ Windows \ SysWOW64 \ regsvr32 "c: \ Program Files (x86) \ 1cv8 \ \ bin \ comcntr.dll"

Instead of “December 8, 1469” specify the version of the technological platform you have installed. After that, click on enter. The specified registration can help get rid of the error 2147221005 in 1C.

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Check if Excel is installed

The presence of Excel installed in the system is a necessary element when the 1C system refers to it. , и нажмите ввод. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that Excel is installed correctly in the system. To do this, click Win + R, enter Excel there, and press enter. If the program starts, then everything works correctly. If not, then you should install (reinstall) Excel (MS Office complex) on your machine (s).

Use specialized forums 1C

If not one of these tips did not help you, refer to the help of forums that are visited by many programmers and 1C specialists. In particular, we recommend such forums as,, where you can be helped in solving the resulting dysfunction.

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In our material, we sorted out when the error “2147221005 (0x800401F3): Invalid string indicating the class” appears, and how you can fix it. This dysfunction can have various causes, and for its solution we recommend using the full range of methods listed above. Their performance can help resolve the error 2147221005 in your 1C system.

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