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Boot Device Not Found on HP what to do

When you turn on your Hewlett-Packard laptop, a user may encounter a “Boot Device Not Found” message and a computer’s failure to boot. The reason for this dysfunction is usually a series of incorrect BIOS settings, but there are also cases where this problem occurs due to a hard drive failure, or a violation of the integrity of the operating system. In this article I will tell you what a Boot Device Not Found on HP is, what are the causes of this dysfunction, and how to fix it on your PC.

Скриншот ошибки Boot Device Not Found на HP
Screenshot Boot Device Not Found error on HP

The content of the article:

Translation and Causes Boot Device Not Found

In translation, this text sounds like “Boot Device Not Found” , and usually indicates a situation when, when the computer was turned on, the system did not detect the device from which the operating system was to be loaded (or installed). A similar situation, when the video card was not visible in the device manager, was described by me in the last article.

The reasons for this dysfunction may be the following:

  • Incorrect BIOS settings (UEFI) on the computer;
  • The hard disk used to boot is physically damaged or out of order;
  • The boot sector or MBR of the hard disk is damaged;
  • Operating system files are damaged;
  • Your PC has become the target of a virus attack.

    Error 3FO
    Error 3FO

How to Fix the “Boot Device Not Found” Error on HP

To resolve the issue with Boot Device Not Found on HP, I recommend the following:

  1. Change the value of the “Legacy Support” parameter in BIOS from “Disabled” to “Enabled ”. Go to BIOS (usually this is obtained by pressing Escape, and then on F10), select the “System Configuration” tab, find the “Legacy Support” parameter there, and change its value from “Disabled” to “Enabled”. Then click on F10 to save the changes and restart your HP. After the reboot, the computer may ask you to enter a code (its value will be on the screen) and press Enter to confirm the changes. Enter the specified code, press Enter and the computer will perform a standard OS boot;

    Установите опцию Legacy Support в значение Enabled
    Set the Legacy Support option to Enabled
  2. Change the value of a number of BIOS parameters . Go to BIOS, select the tab "System Configuration" - "Boot option". Change the value of the “Security Boot” option from “Enabled” to “Disabled”. Then click on “Clear all secure boot keys”, enter the numbers (pass code), which are located just above and click on the input.

    Вводим указанные цифры ключа
    Enter the specified key digits

Then we change the value of the “Legacy Support” parameter from “Disabled” to “Enabled”. In the option “Legacy boot order” we choose what we want to boot from (usually this is a hard disk of a laptop). To save the changes made, click on F10, then on “Yes”, and restart our PC, this can help get rid of the Boot Device Not Found error on the HP laptop;

  • Check if your hard disk is visible in BIOS to fix the Boot Device Not Found. If not, then check the density of its connection (turn off the laptop, turn off the power supply, remove the bottom cover, battery, turn off the hard drive, visually check its contacts, connect the hard drive, battery, put back the cover, connect the power supply and turn on the laptop). If the hard drive is not visible again, then there is a possibility that it has failed (check the operation of the service center) or the cables to it are damaged (it is quite rare);
  • Hard reset your HP . Performing a hard reset of your laptop (hard reset) allows you to clear the memory and restore the correct connection between the BIOS and the PC hardware stuffing. Disconnect all external devices connected to the PC (in particular, USB and power supply), remove the battery from the laptop. Then press the power button (Power) and keep it pressed for 15 seconds.

Then plug in the battery and power supply, do not connect other external devices. Press the power button, in the menu that appears, select "Start Windows Normally" (Start Windows Normally), and press enter.

  • Download the BIOS default settings . Go to BIOS, click on F9 and load default BIOS settings. Then click on F10, confirm the changes, and reboot your computer;
  • Test your computer with the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI . Turn off your computer, then turn it on and quickly press the F2 key. When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI menu appears on the screen, select Component Tests.
    Тестируем компоненты нашего ПК с помощью HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI
    We test our PC components using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI

    In this menu, pay special attention to the hard disk test (Hard Drive - Extensive Test - Run Once). Review the results, maybe your drive simply failed, and it needs to be replaced.


An effective solution to the issue of Boot Device Not Found hard disk (3f0) will be changing the BIOS settings, hard resetting the PC, and also conducting a test of the structural elements of the laptop. In most cases, the first method I have described helps to eliminate the error on your PC.

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