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Epic Games Launcher: Looks like a network connection problem

When launching “Fortnite” through “Epic Games Launcher”, the player may encounter the message “It looks like there are problems with the network connection”, after which the launch of the specified game becomes impossible. With regard to domestic users, this problem is often associated with the activities of Roskomnadzor, which is unsuccessfully fighting the popular Telegram messenger. Let's figure out how to fix the network connection error in the “Epic Games Launcher”.

Шаблонное уведомление такого плана
Template notification of such a plan

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The nature and causes of the problem with the network connection

Since mid-April, Roskomnadzor has been conducting an unsuccessful campaign to restrict access to the popular messenger Telegram. Under the "hot hand" got a lot of servers and IP addresses that are used by other companies and programs. Viber and Skype, Yandex and worked intermittently, even Google and Amazon suffered, some of whose network addresses were blocked by Roskomnadzor. Since the servers of the last two companies are used to authorize games from Epic Games, network access to such games becomes impossible, and the user receives the message "It looks like there are problems with the network connection."

Among other causes of this error (which are much less common), the following can be noted:

  • You use low-speed Internet connections;
  • Your antivirus or firewall blocks normal network access;
  • When connecting to game servers, you are using a proxy that is unstable;
  • There are problems in the operation of your modem or router.

    Гугл заблокировали? Таки да!
    Google blocked? Yes!

How to fix a network connection error in Epic Games Launcher

Since in most cases, problems with network connectivity in Epic Games Launcher are related to the activities of Roskomnadzor, it remains to write a letter to Roskomnadzor at with a request to resolve the issue that has arisen. Another option in this case is the banal waiting for the moment when the hands of the sluggish state structure will reach the solution of this problem.

If neither one nor the other is an option for you, then I recommend doing the following:

  • Check the speed of your Internet, and make sure that it is stable and is at least 4 Mbps; (speed sites will help determine the level);
  • Visit the official twitter of the game, as well as the resource to make sure that at this moment there are no problems with the game servers. If there are any, it will be necessary to wait for a while until the problem is resolved by the technical support service;

    Как видим, ночью наблюдались проблемы с серверами игры
    As you can see, at night there were problems with the game servers
  • Temporarily deactivate your firewall and antivirus. If this helps, create an exclusion rule in both programs that allows Epic Games Launcher to connect to game servers without difficulty;
  • Change the DNS server to public from Google. Click on Win + R, enter ncpa.cpl. In the window that opens, find your Internet connection, hover the cursor on it, right-click, and then select "Properties."

In the list of components, find “IP version 4”, double-click on it, and set the DNS settings of the servers as shown in the picture below.

Используйте некоторые публичные ДНС, например от Гугл
Use DNS from Google

Click on “Ok” and restart your computer, this may solve the problem “having problems with network connection” on your PC.

  • Disable (deactivate) the proxy if it is used;
  • Change the settings for the Epic Game Launcher shortcut. Hover over the launcher shortcut on the desktop, right-click, select "Properties." In the tab "Label" in the line "Object" on the right, put a space at the end, after which add the following:

–Http = wininet

Click on the "OK" below and try to launch the launcher again.

Измените свойства ярлыка лаунчера
Change launcher shortcut properties
  • Use VPN, good results are obtained using the VPN programs that allow you to get rid of the error "there were problems with the network connection" in the "Epic Game Launcher". The “ Windscribe ” program, which you need to download, install on your PC, run, select a foreign location (for example, the USA) and activate, has proved itself well.


The occurrence of the error “Problems with network connection” for a domestic user is usually associated with the activities of Roskomnadzor, which blocks the work of part of Google and Amazon resources related to “Epic Games”. Try using VPN - in our case, this is the fastest way to solve this problem on user PCs.

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