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HTML5 Video not properly encoded how to fix it in Yandex Browser

When trying to view a video on the network (for example, in an online cinema), the Yandex Browser user may encounter an error playing such a video, and the relevant message “HTML5 Video not properly encoded”. In this article I will tell you what the error is “HTML5 Video not properly encoded”, what are its causes, and how to fix it in Yandex Browser.

Соообщение с рассматриваемой мной ошибкой
"HTML5 Video not properly encoded" error message

The content of the article:

What is “HTML5 Video not properly encoded”?

The translation of "HTML5 Video not properly encoded" sounds like "HTML5 video is not encoded properly." Usually the appearance of this message is related to the situation when the video cannot be played by the browser for a number of technical reasons.

Let me remind the reader that “HTML5” is a specialized language for displaying the contents of Internet pages. Its specificity in the video section is that this language does not require installation of additional plug-ins (such as “Flash Player”) for video demonstration, allowing directly, without “intermediaries”, to display video on the screen of your PC.

The first part of the instructions for correcting HTML 5 errors when watching a video is here .

Among the reasons causing the error that I am considering, I would single out the following:

  • An ordinary browser crash;
  • There are problems in the work of the Internet resource, on which the video file is located (technical works are underway, etc.);
  • An outdated version of the browser is used, which does not work correctly with the modernized technology “HTML5”;
  • The problem is caused by the incorrect operation of a number of video cards.

The error in HTML5 Video playback that I am examining manifests itself not only when working in Yandex Browser, but also on other web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, IE, and others).

Технология HTML5 призвана прийти на замену устаревшему Flash
HTML5 technology is designed to replace the outdated Flash.

How to fix "HTML5 Video not properly encoded"

After we figured out what the error "HTML5: video not properly encoded" means, let's consider how to get rid of it. I recommend doing the following:

  • Reload the video page by pressing F5 . If the problem has a stochastic nature, it will disappear;
  • Wait a while . It is possible that the problem is observed on the Internet resource itself, and your PC has nothing to do with it. I recommend to wait for some time, and, if you wish, write a letter to the technical support of this site, perhaps they are simply not aware of the problem;
  • Enable hardware video acceleration . Enter the browser: // flags command in the Yandex.Browser address line, find “Hardware acceleration for video decoding” among the list of parameters (the Ctrl + F key combination will help), and if this option is disabled, click on “Enable”. After that, click on the “Restart Now” button to restart your browser;

    Задействуйте параметр «Аппаратное ускорение для декодирования видео»
    Enable the parameter "Hardware acceleration for video decoding" in the browser settings
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies . Press the key combination Ctrl + H, then on the "Clear History" on the side. In the window that opens, select “For all time” above, check the box next to “cookies and other data ..”, and click on the “Clear history” button below;
  • Use a different browser (for example, “Mozilla Firefox” or “IE”) to eliminate “HTML5 Video not properly encoded”;
  • Try to change the playback settings of the problem video (if possible). In particular, reduce the video resolution, for example, from 720p to 480p;
  • Try running the problem video in incognito mode . Click on the settings button “Yandex Browser” (a button with three horizontal arrows), and in the menu that appears, select “incognito mode”;
  • Install the latest drivers for your video card . Specialized tools such as DriverPack Solution, Driver Genius and other analogues can help;

    Используйте DriverPack Solution для обновления драйверов
    Use DriverPack Solution to update your drivers.
  • Update (reinstall) your Yandex Browser . There are situations when the “Video not properly encoded” error causes problems in the work of the web browser itself.


The “HTML5 Video not properly encoded” error in the Yandex Browser can be caused by a number of reasons, including problems with the operation of the site itself, disabled browser hardware acceleration, and other determinants described by me above. I recommend, first of all, not to rush to look for a problem on your PC, since there may be dysfunctions in the work of the Internet resource itself, and you just need to wait for the latter to restore its normal functionality.

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