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Client certificate is not associated with the user at Sberbank ACT

Getting to the bank site, users increasingly encounter an error - “The client certificate is not associated with the user” Sberbank ACT. After that, the system usually offers to enter user data for authorization, as well as to associate the certificate with the user. Why this error occurs and what to do is for us to solve in this article.

The content of the article:

For some reason, a message appears stating that a certificate is associated with a user.

When you hit the web service of the bank with your current certificate. This happens for several reasons:

  • Your organization did not create a profile in ETP Bank Sberbank;
  • A certificate that has not been previously registered with the ETP is used;
  • Accreditation has already been carried out on this certificate.

Such an error occurs due to the general shift of certificates for purchases in the Sberbank system.

How to compare a certificate with a personal account

We need to register a new member on the Sberbank-AST website ( In the top menu, select the "Participants" section and in the drop-down box, click "Register."

  1. On the left is the block “User registration of the participant”, that is what you need to choose;
  2. In the same window, select the green button "Apply". Under it is a list of documents that will be required;

    Подать заявку на сайте
    Apply on the Sberbank-AST website
  3. You need to select a certificate from the list and click "Fill out the form";
  4. After that, the form will be filled with certain fields automatically. All fields where you notice an asterisk (*) are required to be filled. Also do not forget to specify a new login in this form. If you specify an existing one, the site will display a message stating that such a nickname is already present in the melon database. It should consist of English letters and numbers in different case;
  5. After entering the data into the appropriate form and sending it, if the program has the role “Organization Administrator”, the application will be counted automatically;
  6. If there is no role, you will need to create an electronic appeal. Send it to

In some cases, when there are other users in the organization in the role of administrator, he may approve the submitted application in his personal account in the section “Application for registration of users”.

The following method is to bind the certificate Sberbank ACT

If this text continues to appear in the navigator window - “The client certificate is not associated with the user” at Sberbank-ACT, we will try the following method, which often helps to solve this problem.

  1. Go to the EIS website - and log in to the system;
  2. Open “Access Rights”, activated check-box items associated with the bank;
  3. Log out of your account. Close the browser. Open it again and in the settings find and delete the cache;
  4. Then you log in again to the ENI and tick the Sberbank-AST authorities;
  5. Try again to visit the site of Sberbank-ACT;
  6. Perhaps these actions will need to be done again. Try in your personal account on to change a few letters or numbers in your personal data. After that, they will be fully exported to the Sberbank website and as a result of their update, the error will be eliminated.

Also try changing the browser from which you are trying to access the Internet.

Web Service Contacts

In some cases, users managed to contact Sberbank-AST technical support and get advice to correct the error. The following contacts provide an opportunity to contact the hotline operator directly:

  • You can call +7 495 787 29 97, +7 495 787 29 99 or +7 495 787 29 99;
  • If you live in the region of the capital, you can try to independently get to the organization’s building at the address: Moscow, Bolshoy Savvinsky Lane, 12, p. 9;
  • Or write to the email address:,

    Карта местонахождения Сбербанк-АСТ
    Sberbank-AST location map

Describe all the details of the problem you met on the portal and encourage the staff to help you. You can offer to send them a public key certificate in the archive by mail, so that they can enter it yourself. When entering Sberbank-ACT, when an error message appears, your data is indicated in the text. Make sure they are current and relevant.

It is possible that the details of your organization have been changed. A failure is a logical reaction to other data of your certificate. To change the PPC, you need to write a letter. Ask him to help you and present in detail the difficulties you have encountered. The text of the letter must be signed by the head. To him also need to attach a copy of the certificate of registration with the tax authorities. You can send this document to the mail, which is listed above in the article. Perhaps the data after this will be corrected, and you will be able to get to the Sberbank-ACT site and eliminate the error - “The client certificate is not associated with the user”.

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