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Error code 0000000002 The declaration (calculation) contains errors and is not accepted for processing.

When submitting a declaration or settlement to the tax office, an error 0000000002 often occurs, which has the content of non-acceptance for processing. Such declarations are refused after a few days. Few people know what the error “Declaration (calculation) contains errors and is not accepted for processing” and how to fix it, so in this article we will look into this.

Налоговая служба
The Federal Tax Service

The content of the article:

We eliminate the error 0000000002 in the declaration

First you need to make sure that the file name is identical with the identifier inside the file. The identifier also should not have the .xls extension at the end of the file. This is very important and can be the key reasons for the error.

The error itself “The declaration (calculation) contains errors and is not accepted for processing” with the code 0000000002 at sending means that your calculations inside the document still contain inaccuracies. Therefore, open the document and recheck your data. When you do this and you are one hundred percent sure that the calculations are correct and the document does not contain any errors, it means that you need to write a technical support letter asking for help.

Similar error: 0400300003 The condition for the presence of an element (attribute) was violated, depending on the value of another element (attribute) .

Technical support 1C reporting

If you have any problems with the declaration, but you are sure of the correctness of your calculations and execution, it means you need to write a report to 1C technical support. To do this, go to the site , select the version of the program from the list and go to the section you need to solve the problem.

Technical support 1C reporting

Many are interested in what consequences will be distributed to the payer if the declaration is not provided on time. Thus, if the payer does not submit a declaration within the specified time, a penalty of five percent of the amount that was necessary to pay, but not less than 1 thousand rubles, will be withheld from it.

The tax return can be provided by the payer in the form of mail items with the described attachment, and also sent electronically via special communication channels using the payer's personal account.

The deadlines for submitting a declaration depend on the system in which taxation takes place. If a simplified taxation system has been used, the payer undertakes to pay the tax no later than the 25th day of the month that follows the month. The notification discontinued the business activity to which the simplified system was applied.

Error "Template not identified with respect to document code"

Often, users have another error besides “Declaration (calculation) contains errors and is not accepted for processing” when they are trying to send declarations. Here the situation is a bit more complicated due to the fact that the declaration is submitted for 2017, but the form from 2016 is used.

This is due to the order of the Federal Tax Service, where declarations that are completed on the 2016 form are valid until February 2018, but some institutions of the Federal Tax Service have arbitrarily stopped accepting such a report. What to do in this case? You need to wait a bit, then create a new report in the updated version of the program. This can be done after February 18.

On the website of the FTS there is a program from the GNIVTS "Declaration 2017". It may be perfect for you to fill in documents automatically on personal income tax. It can be found, along with instructions on the site .

Автоматизация отчетов
Report Automation Program

So we solved the error 0000000002 with you and “the template with the document code is not identified”. For more information, visit the official website, where you can contact technical support, as well as learn about the latest product news.

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