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Error code 0400400011 “The condition of equality of the amount of insurance premiums is violated”

When submitting tax reports to the relevant authorities, your report can be returned with the error “Code: 0400400011” found and the description “The condition of equality of the amount of insurance premiums on the payer of insurance premiums to the total amount of insurance premiums for insured persons has been violated”. Usually, this error arises due to the mismatch of the audit reporting amounts (the accountant does not take into account any pennies), but there are also situations when the FIU does not transfer the data to the tax authorities on time, so the report contains various errors and inaccuracies. In this article, I will tell you what this 0400400011 error is when it occurs, and how to fix the error “The condition of equality of the amount of insurance premiums is violated” on your PC.

Исправляем ошибку 0400400011 при подаче отчётности
Fix error 0400400011 when submitting reports

The content of the article:

The essence and causes of error 0400400011 "Violated the condition of equality of the value of the amount of insurance premiums"

As follows from the above text, the tax authorities' checking program found a discrepancy in the checksums of the report, and therefore issued an error 0400400011. It is usually meaningless to be interested in the specifics of the problem with the tax specialist, because the analysis of the statements is carried out by the corresponding program, and it is the one that produces the mentioned negative result.

The specific causes of error 0400400011 can be as follows:

  • Incorrect values ​​of reported indicators (discrepancy in checksums, the difference by a couple of kopecks, etc.);
  • The individuals in the report have the same SNILS ( Insurance number of an individual personal account); some individuals may have two SNILS and so on;
  • An error code may also occur : 0400500003 (I described its corrections in the article by reference);
  • There are discrepancies in the report between the name and the SNILS;
  • The bodies of the FIU on time did not transfer the data necessary for the verification of the statements to the tax service.

    Не вовремя отправленные данные из ПФР в налоговую службу могут стать причиной ошибки 0400400011
    Not timely sent data from the FIU to the tax service can cause error 0400400011

How To Fix Error 0400400011

To get rid of error 0400400011 I recommend to do the following:

  1. Once again, carefully check your report , make sure that all the numbers are “playing”, and there are no differences in kopecks;
  2. Check if different people have the same SNILS, if there are no discrepancies between the full name and the SNILS of an individual ;
  3. Use various software tools and services to verify the correctness of your statements (CHECKXML + 2NDFL 2017, "TESTER", "Taxpayer LE", "Contour", " Check reports online " for users of the Bukhonline website, and other tools);
  4. Call the tax executor and ask about the specific cause of the error . Typically, performers are not eager to understand your reporting (errors arise not only from you), but perhaps you will be lucky and you will be taken to a quite benevolent tax specialist;
  5. Wait a couple of days . As I mentioned above, there are situations when the FIU does not timely transmit the relevant data to the tax authority, therefore, inaccuracies arise in the reports. In this case, the tax service experts recommend a couple of days to wait, and then come back to the tax office, and try to submit your report.

    Разница отчётных показателей в пару копеек может стать причиной ошибки 0400400011
    The difference in reported indicators of a couple of kopecks may cause an error 0400400011


Error 0400400011 may occur for various reasons, but in most cases these are just statistical discrepancies in the reported indicators, with a difference of a few extra kopecks. Usually, it is required to show heightened attentiveness and scrupulousness (if necessary, using special tools to check the correctness of the indicators) in order to find discrepancies, and thereby get rid of error 0400400011 on your PC.

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