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Error code 50 in SZV-STAGE - Solution

Electronic document management as well as paper, does not exclude the appearance of various kinds of errors. In particular, problems appear at the stage of submitting information about the insurance experience of the organization’s employees to the FIU authorities. If inaccuracies were made when sending the form CZV-STAGE, the report is returned to the sender with a negative protocol, error code 50 and recommendations for correcting it. Today we consider the situation when the error code 50 appears in the SZV-STAGE (the report is not fully accepted), and determine the main ways to solve it.

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The content of the article:

Causes of error code 50 in SZV-STAGE

Users facing error code 50 in SZV-STAGE, explain the reasons for the problem:

  • Violation of the structure sent to check the file.
  • Incorrect input TIN of the organization.
  • Assignment of incorrect numbers in the file registration number by the Pension Fund.
  • Absence of necessary blocks or marks in form elements.
  • Wrong format of the supplied EA.
  • Incorrect tagging in a corrected report.
  • Incorrect period indication.

Now consider the solution to the above problems.

Ways to troubleshoot error code 50

For a start it is worth noting that in any system there are flaws and failures. But the human factor also plays an important role. It happens that it seems that they were carefully watched and filled out correctly, and the file returned from the FIU with a negative protocol and a description of the errors. The Foundation, as well as organizations, is interested in a quick and correct delivery of the report. Therefore, the report with errors should be corrected as soon as possible and submitted again.

Use of current software

If the error 50 in the SZV-STAGE message is issued if the XML document is incorrectly filled out or the XSD scheme does not match, then you should check the installed software and use only those programs that update themselves. In this case, the format of the submitted reports will always be correct.

Correction of the situation with ES

If there was a failure in the electronic signature, or the information was submitted by a representative who does not have a power of attorney, the report will not be accepted either. It is necessary to work through these points as soon as possible and solve the problem - sign a document of a valid ES or send a power of attorney to the Pension Fund.

Document structure adjustment

Also, an error may appear in the absence of the necessary block in the document sent for verification. The report is returned with error code 50 and the message format “According to the DTD and the scheme, the content of the element“ {...} ZL ”is incomplete. Required: “{...} Stage period”. The entire file is scanned again and a block that is not found by the system with information about the working period of the employees is added.

Compliance TIN

The Pension Fund program checks the TIN or company registration number for compliance with the information contained in the database. In case of discrepancies, the report is also returned for correction. It is urgent to check the details and send the report back.

Correct setting code

It happens that the employee responsible for submitting documents in the “Form Type” line incorrectly puts the code, and instead of the original form, the FIU leaves a supplementing one, which is also an error.

Использование различных типов формы
Procedure for entering form types when submitting a report

For the first time in a month, the original form with the type “ishd” is always rented. In the case when additions and corrections were made to the returned report, the type of information is changed to “additional” (additional), and when the information is canceled - to “otm”. If an organization for the first time submits a monthly report with any type of information, except for “ishd”, the fund will immediately return it with a negative protocol.

The correct timeline for the report

It is not recommended to submit the report ahead of time (although this is not prohibited by law), since in this case it will also be returned to the sender with a negative protocol. The deadline is no later than the 15th of the month following the reporting month.

Когда представлять отчет
Terms of delivery of SZV-STAGE

If organizations for some reason need to submit a report earlier, this can be done starting from the first day of the next month.

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” 2 Comments “ Error code 50 in SZV-FLASH - Solution

  1. And I have such a description to code 50: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found with the 'Fill Date'. One of '{"http: //pf.rf/VS/SZVV-ZTAH/2017-01-01": Foundations of the PDP, "http: //pf.rf/VS/SZV-ZAZH/2017-01-01": Head} 'is expected.
    Does anyone know what it is?

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