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No Bootable Device, hit any key on Acer laptop, what to do

When you turn on and boot Acer laptop, the user may encounter the message "No Bootable Device, Hit any key". After pressing any key, the user switches to the boot disk selection mode, after which this error repeats again. In this article I will tell you what the essence of this error is, what are its causes, and how to fix No Bootable Device, Hit any key on your PC.

No Bootable Device, Hit any key скриншот ошибки
No Bootable Device, Hit any key error screenshot

The content of the article:

Causes of error

Translated from English, the text of this error sounds like "There is no boot device, press any key . " This usually indicates a situation in which the system did not detect a boot device connected to the PC with an operating system installed on it, or such a device is connected, but the operating systems (or its bootloader) on this device are damaged.

When the computer is turned on, the message An operating system was not found may appear, an article devoted to its solution by reference.

The most common error with the text No Bootable Device, Hit any key is found on ACER and Lenovo laptops. In this case, the specific reasons for its appearance may be as follows:

  • Not tight fit loops hard drive to the corresponding connectors on the hard drive and the PC motherboard;
  • Due to external impact, the hard disk of the laptop is damaged or out of order;
  • “Dropping” of a hard disk due to its deterioration, and as a result - the emergence of many bad sectors;
  • Oxidation or contamination of the hard disk contacts;
  • The boot area of ​​the hard disk is damaged due to some software reasons (for example, due to the action of virus programs).

    Ошибка на ноутбуке
    Laptop error

How to fix No Bootable Device, Hit any key

To solve the problem with the No Bootable Device, we, in most cases, need to log into your computer's BIOS. When entering, you may need to exercise due patience, since on problematic computers, entering the BIOS using the F2 key may not be immediately available.

So, to solve the problem No Bootable Device, Hit any key on Acer, I recommend the following:

  • Check the visibility of the hard disk by computer . To do this, go to BIOS (usually quickly pressing the F2 or Delete keys while turning on the computer), and view the list of hard drives connected to the laptop. If the laptop sees your hard drive - fine, if not - then you have to remove the bottom cover of the laptop and check the connection density of the contacts to the hard drive (and clean, if necessary, its connectors from dirt and dust).

If after performing cleaning operations, and then connecting the hard drive to the computer, the latter still does not see the hard disk, then disconnect your hard disk from the PC, and test its performance on another computer. If the other computer also does not see it, then perhaps the hard disk needs repair or replacement.

Компьютер не видит подключенных к нему жёстких дисков
The computer does not see the hard disks connected to it
  • Install the hard drive first in the boot sequence . Go to BIOS, find the “Boot” tab there, and make sure that the hard disk with the OS installed on it is the first in the queue of boot disks. If not, then rank this sequence properly;
  • Change the BIOS settings . Go to the BIOS (UEFI), in its settings, look for the option "Boot Mode", and set it to "Legacy". If you have the default value of "Legacy", then try to put "UEFI". Save the settings and restart the laptop, this can help resolve the No Bootable Device, Hit any key error on the Acer computer;

    Пробуем Legacy или UEFI
    Try Legacy or UEFI
  • It may also help to reset your BIOS settings (UEFI) to default (default). Save the settings data and reboot your PC;
  • Turn off your laptop, unplug the charger from it, remove the battery from it . батареи и подключённого зарядного устройства. Press and hold the power button of the laptop for 10 seconds without the battery and the connected charger. Then put the battery back in, plug in the power supply and try to start your PC;
  • Use the boot disk to restore the system . If the laptop sees a hard disk connected to it, then use a boot disk (or USB flash drive) with the Windows boot version (similar to the installed OS on the computer) on them to correct the boot process. Boot from this disk (flash drive), and select "System Restore" to normalize your PC. Wait until the end of the process and restart your laptop;

    Используйте загрузочный диск для нормализации работы ПК
    Use the boot disk to normalize the PC
  • Restore the master boot record (MBR) using command line functionality . Boot from the above disk or flash drive, select the command line from the list of available options, and enter the command in it:

bootrec / FixMbr

and press enter. Wait until the end of the process and reboot the system.

If this does not help, reboot from the installation flash drive (disk), select the command line, and enter:

chkdsk: / f / r

and press enter. Wait until the end of the test and then restart your PC;

  • If nothing helped at all and the message No Bootable Device, Hit any key continues to appear, use the features of the Acer eRecovery program . This utility is able to restore the software component of your ACER to the factory state, while keeping in mind that your files on your laptop may be lost during the operation. I recommend using this utility only as a last resort, when all of the above was not effective.
Используйте Acer Recovery Program
Use Acer Recovery Program

To activate it while turning on the PC, hold down the "ALT" button and periodically press the F10 key.

  • In some cases, a complete flashing of your BIOS may also help. I recommend performing this operation only to users competent in this case.


The answer to the question of what to do with the error "No Bootable Device, Hit any key on Acer notebooks" will be the implementation of the tips described by me above. Check if the connected hard drive is visible in the BIOS of the laptop, try various BIOS settings, and if this turned out to be ineffective, then restore the functionality of your laptop using the system disk (USB flash drive) with the operating system on them. A radical option could be to use the functionality of the “Acer eRecovery program”, but note that your files on this PC can be deleted after using the specified utility.

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” 18 Comments “ No Bootable Device, Hit any key on Acer laptop what to do

  1. Thanks to the author it helped, but when off and on again the problem is the same, the inscriptions with white font change through bios to uef1 and the laptop turns on, but if you turn it off and turn it on again, you need to change it again. .

  2. Good day! Notebook new new. It was by default the operating system Endless, everything worked.
    Then, I started to install Windows from a flash drive, put the boot from the flash drive in the BIOS, started
    greeted the first installation point of Windows and wrote something like “if you have a flash drive attached, pop out and reinsert it. I stuck it out and inserted after which the laptop rebooted and the notorious no-bootable-device appeared ..
    The main problem is that in the BIOS in the boot contribution, in the fields of "priority order .." is empty ..
    Those. I can’t pick up from where to boot, since everything is lost somewhere .. I already crack ((
    There are hardly any trains or something else is gone, it is new, nothing has fallen ..
    How can I fix this? I don’t want to carry the service center on the 2nd day .. They’ll still say that I broke myself)

  3. I changed it to Legacy, the error disappeared, the download of Windows went and gave up a blue screen for a second and offers to restore, press to restore, did not help ... Author-master what to do?

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