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Adb Sideload what does this mean

The error “Now send the package with Adb Sideload” occurs on Android devices when it crashes and cannot launch on its own. The error translates from English as "Send the package that you want to use on the device using Adb Sideload" . Usually, you see on your phone or tablet PC an image of a robot that is faulty and shows an exclamation mark in a red triangle. What should be done in this case? Let's understand this.

The content of the article:

Troubleshoot an Android device error

Most users immediately panic because they do not know what to do in this situation. First try to reset (hard reset).

  1. To do this, turn off your phone or tablet, then press the "Power" button (turn on) and add volume (plus sign on the sound rocker).
  2. Wait a little until the on-screen message appears.
  3. Select "Recovery" from the list. To move the cursor, use the volume up, to select one of the items, use the volume down.

The text of the error refers to the Adb Sideload utility, a special utility that provides the ability to control an Android device using a computer. The abbreviation Adb stands for Android Debug Bridge (i.e., debug bridge for Android). This means that the utility is a bridge between the computer and devices running Android.

What you need to work with Adb Sideload

Archive update is in the folder with the program Adb. First you need to activate the “Recovery” or “Bootloader” mode on the device, which we have already done. Next, run our program and write the command in the line “adb sideload <here will be the file name> .zip”, after the archive is reformatted into Android and flashed.

What you need for this:

  1. The flash device must be charged at least 40% or more.
  2. Original working cable with microUSB.
  3. Computer, laptop with Windows operating system, version 7 or higher.
  4. If your device is not supported by the OS, you need to install the appropriate driver on your computer that will allow you to “understand” the mobile device.
  5. Enable debugging on your Android device.
  6. Archive with the update in zip.

Instructions on how to work with Adb Sideload

If you encounter the "Now send the package with Adb Sideload" error, follow the step-by-step instructions described below.

Ошибка Android
Error on Android device
  1. Connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB.

    Отладка по USB
    USB debugging
  2. Archive the update place the following path on your PC - C: \ adb \ progbin.
  3. Run our Adb Run utility or open the menu Manual Command, Adb.
  4. Now you need to check whether the Adb program detected your device, to do this, enter the string "adb devices".
  5. If everything is OK, the phone is detected, then you should observe the following program response: C: \ adb \ adb \ progbin> adb devisec If you don’t, then you will see the word “Offline” at the end of the answer after X.
  6. To avoid errors, you must open the program as an administrator.
  7. Next, transfer your Android gadget to the Recovery or Bootload mode.
  8. Recovery versions are different, in some you need to activate on your phone or tablet Sideload. Standard name may be: “Install zip from sideload”, “apply update from ADB” or “ADB Sideload”.
  9. If Recovery TWRP view, then to activate Sideload, go to Advanced, Adb Sideload and drag the lower slider to the right. After that, all other manipulations are displayed on the computer.

    Настройка Recovery
    Recovery Setup
  10. In Adb Run, enter the following line - “adb sideload Instead of X, write your name of the firmware update archive. Please note that the register here matters, if you enter instead of a capital letter - small, there will be an error.

If you did everything correctly, the update package will be overwritten to the Android device, and then the update process will start. In case of an error “error: closed”, then Sideload on Android is not activated. If the message “error: device not found” appears, in this case the program does not see the device, you must try to restart it, try to exit again and enter Recovery mode, change the kernel.

In some situations, the problem with the error "Now send the package with the adb sideload" is solved by simply restarting the device. If you have any problems along the way of performing the method described above, and you cannot continue to perform the restoration, contact the technical support service in order to receive qualified help from specialists.

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