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Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch

». When trying to log into one of the state Internet portals (usually “FS PAP”), the user may encounter the error message “ Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch ”. In many cases, this is due to the use of the old version of Internet Explorer, which does not meet the requirements of the new site security protocols. Let's look at the essence of the dysfunction that has arisen, as well as how to fix the error “2146828275 Type Mismatch” on your PC.

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Causes of the problem

Usually, error 2146828275 appears along with the message “Could not create a signature” when connecting to the site of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (FS PAP). As I wrote above, this is due to incorrect security certificates of the user's browser, as well as to the presence in the system of the user of outdated license keys Jacata or Rutoken ECP 2.0.

The problem in question -2146828275 is most often fixed when connecting via Internet Explorer. Connecting via an alternative browser (Chrome, Yandex Browser and analogues) usually does not cause the appearance of the dysfunction in question.

Let's see how to fix the error “Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275” on your PC.

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Install the FSRAR Crypto 3c plugin to fix the “Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275“

The installation of the FSRAR Crypto 3 plugin from for Internet Explorer browser showed high efficiency in solving the error 2146828275. If you are using the mentioned browser when connecting to the PAP FS, then do the following:

  • и нажмите ввод); Go to “Control Panel” - “Add or Remove Programs” (or click on Win + R, in the appeared line enter appwiz.cpl and press enter);
  • » и « ФСРАР Крипто 2 » и удалите данные программы стандартным образом; In the program list, find “ ClientSetup ” and “ FPRAR Crypto 2 ” and delete these programs in the standard way;

    Удалите программы
    Remove the programs we specified
  • Go to the website and click on the blue button "Start check";

    Начать проверку
    Click on "Start checkout"
  • ». When the check reaches the third step, a link will appear for downloading the “ FSRAR Crypto 3c ” plugin. Download and install the specified plugin on your browser;
  • Restart your IE browser to activate the installed plugin;
  • и нажать на ввод); Click on the browser settings icon, then select “Browser properties” (you can also click Win + R, enter inetcpl.cpl there and press the input);
  • Click on the "Security" tab;
  • Move the slider to the lowest position, and also uncheck the option "Enable Protected Mode";

    Set the specified options
  • Go to the tab "Privacy" and remove the tick here with the option "Enable pop-up blocking";

    Снимите галочку
    Uncheck the mentioned option.
  • Now try to log into your personal account on, or use the hardware key when connecting to the personal account of the Federal Service of PAP.

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Use an alternate browser

You can also get rid of the error “Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275” by using an alternative browser that is used to go to LK FSRAR. For example, users get trouble-free login using Mozilla, Yandex, and Google Chrome browsers.

». At the same time for the Google Chrome browser, you must install and activate the extension " CryptoPro Extension for CAdES Browser Plug-in ". Do the following:

  • Run your Chrome. If you do not have this browser, you will need to download it from Google’s “native” site;
  • Go to the Chrome store ;
  • Click on “Install” on the right to install the “CryptoPro Extension” extension on your web browser;

    Установите расширение
    Install the specified extension in your browser
  • для перехода в настройки расширений вашего браузера (или выберите Настройки — Дополнительные инструменты — Расширения); After installing the extension, enter chrome: // extensions / in the address bar to go to the settings of your browser extensions (or select Settings - Additional tools - Extensions);
  • Make sure this extension is activated.

    Make sure the extension is active.
  • Now try to log into your Personal Account on the site of the FS PAP. Logging can occur without any problems, and the error message "Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch" disappears.


In our material, we analyzed what the causes of the error “Object: undefined Error number: -2146828275 Description: Type mismatch”, and how to fix it. Good results were shown by the installation in your IE of the modern FSRAR Crypto 3c plugin, as well as the use of alternative browsers to access the FSRAR portal. If you know alternative ways to eliminate this dysfunction, share them in the comments to our material. We always welcome new, high-quality and effective solutions.

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