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System integrity violation detected in 1C what to do

When launching the popular 1C program from one of the latest versions (usually version or, the user may encounter a message “System integrity violation” detected suddenly. The program offers to shut down or restart the system, in the latter case the specified message appears again. What is the reason for its appearance? Let's figure it out.

Уведомление о нарушении целостности системы
Integrity Violation Notification

The content of the article:

1C and pirates

As you know, 1C, the manufacturer of the popular 1C Accounting software, suffers significant losses from the unlicensed use of its products. A lot of pirated copies of 1C are walking in the network, with hacked distributions offering to use the program's functionality for everyone.

The current situation forced the company to take radical steps to combat pirates. The program versions and, released in early December 2017, received a built-in mechanism for identifying illegal (pirated) copies of the product, and then blocking their work. In particular, this is achieved by checking the state of the backbas.dll library, as well as detecting an emulator that allows unlicensed launch of "1C".

When identifying a pirated copy of the product, the user receives the message "A system integrity violation has been detected." Overloading the PC and restarting the product will not give anything.

There are also situations when this message arises from the user of the licensed version of the product. This is explained by the pirated version of the program previously installed on this PC, as well as by occasional disruptions in the work of the fresh and not completely “run-in” licensed version of this software.

Фирма "1С" намерена полностью разобраться с пиратами
1C Company intends to fully deal with the pirates

Instructions for correcting errors in 1C: 0000000002 and 0400300003 .

How to bypass the message "System Integrity Detected"

To solve the problem you need to do something like the following:

  • Roll back the software platform to an older version (for example, 3.10.2667). The duration of the work on the old versions of the program is not precisely defined, but as a temporary, palliative solution, it is quite suitable;
  • Use the network alternative in the form of “1C: Cloud”. The price for the monthly use of the product is about 500-1000 rubles per month;

    Используйте альтернативу в виде "1С:Облако"
    Use the alternative in the form of "1C: Cloud"
  • Remove from your PC traces of past pirated 1C patches. Make sure that the following file is missing on the path: Windows \ system32 \ DRIVERS, as well as in the “Device Manager” in the “System devices” branch there is no “Virtual Usb Bus Enumerator”. If you have the latter, right-click on it and select the option to remove the program driver. Don't forget to delete the vusbbus.sys file itself;
  • Remove the HASP (Multi-Platform Program Protection System) emulator from the system. To do this, find and delete the VUsb.sys and vusbbus.sys files from the PC (the path to the latter was already specified above), and also run the command line from the admin, and in it type in the following order:

loaddrv.exe -stop haspflt
loaddrv.exe -remove haspflt
del% systemroot% \ system32 \ drivers \ haspflt.sys

Also find and delete the registry branch:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ haspflt \

Reboot your PC.

  • Use a pirated repack of one of the latest versions of 1C ( ). According to the reviews of pirates repack works well and is updated, and the error in this article does not occur. Consider that you install such a repack at your own risk and risk, and no one will guarantee its full performance (as well as the absence of viruses in it);
  • The radical solution to the issue is to completely reinstall Windows OS, and then install a freshly cracked version of 1C on it. Considering the extreme of such a step, it will not suit everyone, despite the fact that some users gave it the necessary result.


The appearance of a message about the violation of the integrity of the system in 1C usually indicates the detection by the identifier of a pirated version of the product "1C" installed on the user's computer. It is recommended to either roll back the system to the previous healthy version, or use an alternative hacked version of the product. The most effective solution would be to buy an official license, which will remove the headache of working with dubious pirated releases.

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” 4 Comments “ Violation of the integrity of the system in 1C detected what to do

  1. Thank. I went on the way of subtracting the "traces" of hacking, because It has now been installed by individuals. version. I did everything strictly according to the instructions reflected in the post - HELPED!

  2. Thank you for the article. Foolishly updated on 10.2772 and received such a picture. I have a basic 8.3, licensed. I spent half a day because not really a specialist. Thank God, the rollback to 10.2667 helped. Otherwise, it would take a long time to figure it out. Good luck to all!

  3. Buying an official license will remove one headache, but, unfortunately, it will add a lot of other headaches, and even ass pains.

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