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Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed what to do

We need a computer first of all to access the Internet, where at every step a large number of dangers lurk. – ошибке Error 503 Backend fetch failed, и расскажу, что нужно делать, чтобы от нее избавиться. Today I will share information about one of these threats - Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed, and tell you what to do to get rid of it. It is unpleasant that this problem can occur absolutely on any device that is used to access the network, including mobile gadgets. But, as always, since there is a mistake, there are solutions created by smart heads, which we will use.

Сообщение об ошибке Varnish cache server
Error message Varnish cache server

To find the right solution, you must first understand the reasons for which Error 503 crashes.

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Causes of the problem

Error 503 Backend fetch failed означает, что сервер по каким-то внутренним причинам не в состоянии ответить на обращенный к нему запрос. The error code Error 503 Backend fetch failed means that the server for some internal reasons is not able to respond to the request addressed to it. This is most commonly associated with:

  • short-term failure when launching an online application;
  • the inability of the resources of the remote server to cope with a huge number of requests made simultaneously;
  • lack of server memory required for processing requests sent to it;
  • SSL certificate expiration;
  • carrying out technical works on the Internet resource.

As you can see, Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed crashes due to failures in the technical state of the remote server due to circumstances beyond the user's control.

Error 503 Backend fetch failed Ways to solve the Error Error 503 Backend fetch failed

It is clear that almost nothing depends on a regular user sitting behind the screen of his computer or holding a mobile gadget in his hands - he cannot solve the technical side of the error Error 503 Backend fetch failed using his tools. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a few steps, with the help of which sometimes you can immediately solve the problem.

  1. First of all, you should try to reload the page by pressing F5 (usually when working in any browser) or on the arrow that performs the update function ↻.

    Как обновить страницу в браузере не только F5, но и соответствующей стрелочкой
    How to refresh the page in the browser
  2. If the first method does not help, then return to the problem site after a while, maybe experts will have time to debug the technical component of this problem.
  3. As a recommendation, try to visit problem pages at times when other users are least active, this will enable the server to cope normally with the number of requests sent to it.
  4. If error 503 continues to crash, restart your PC or mobile device / laptop, as well as the equipment with which you go online.
  5. If the server still does not respond to requests addressed to it, find the contact details of the problem site or the resource itself and send the Error 503 Backend fetch failed error message by attaching a screenshot if there is a field in the feedback form for it.
  6. If the solution is not for a long time, and you definitely need to get to the problem site, use free DNS servers. To do this, type in the search bar of your working browser “how to change the DNS server address in (the name of the operating system used on the device)” and search for the solution on the proposed resources. будет подробная инструкция по изменению DNS-сервера. For example, if you use Windows 10, then on the very first site in issuing Yandex there will be detailed instructions for changing the DNS server.

    Инструкция по изменению адреса DNS-сервера в Windows 10
    How to change the DNS server address in Windows 10
  7. The problem may be in the quality of services provided by the provider. In this case, resolve all issues with him.

Do not forget to restart the computer after each changes made to it. This will correctly install all updates.

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