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PMT changed what to do.

In the process of flashing your phone, users may encounter the message PMT . In this article, I will tell you what the error is, why it occurs, and how to fix it.

Ошибка при прошивке
Firmware error

The content of the article:

The heart of the PMT problem

Each smartphone or tablet uses a partition table (memory markup), with which the normal operation of the operating system.

When flashing the device, special software is used that uses its own data on the phone's markup. If this data (usually in the Scatter file) differs from the actual phone markup (PMT), then the PMT error I described appears, and the user, trying to flash his machine, gets the above problem.

Another cause of this dysfunction is the corrupted (corrupted) partition table of the phone itself.

Скриншот ошибки "PMT changed for the ROM it must be downloaded "
Screenshot of the error “PMT changed for the ROM it must be downloaded“

Problem identification

Immediately, I’ll make a reservation that you will perform all the actions proposed by me at your own peril and risk, since taking up the firmware of your device without having special technical knowledge is having a great chance to turn your phone into a lifeless “brick”.

First, check the status of the phone and the suitability of your software for this unit by IMEI. If the software you are using does not match the version of your phone, then look for the exact firmware version you need on the network.

If the phone doesn’t start at all or hangs on the logo after switching on and you try to flash it with the SP Flash Tool, you get the error message described PMT it’s necessary to get the phone’s partition table ( it is damaged).

It also happens that the versions of some files included in the used firmware do not correspond to the declared ones, and this can also cause the dysfunction described by me.

Исправление проблемы
Problem fix

How to fix the PMT error?

Method 1. In addition to the above search on the network for software corresponding to the version of your phone, you can select the mode “ Firmware Upgrade ” instead of “ Download Only ” during the firmware. The firmware will download a special loader, but at the same time, if it is different from the phone loader, the device may “die”. In most cases, this method allows you to fix this problem, and the phone will work without problems.

Method 2. Another solution to the problem of PMT changed for the ROM is to select the firmware, and then format the phone using the Flash Flash Tool (select the Auto Format Flash option), then download the firmware (download flash) without selecting the bootloader. After the completion of the firmware process, you will need to fix IMEI.

Method 3. Turn off your phone and run the utility for the joint venture Flash Flash Tool. Select the "Format" submenu and click on the "Start" button. Connect your smartphone to the computer and wait until the formatting process is complete. After receiving the “Format OK” label, disconnect the device. Now go to the subsection “Download”, select the scatter file and click on “Download”. Reconnect the device, and the firmware process itself will begin.

How the error is corrected by method 3 can be viewed on the video:

Method 4. Open the Flash Too SP, select the scatter file. Click on the "Format" submenu, select the "formal all except bootloader" option. Then format the device and try again to flash it again. In some cases, this option was effective.


In most cases, the reasons for the “PMT changed for ROM it must be downloaded” error are the mismatch of the actual markup of the phone with the markup used in the scatter file. The methods listed by me are designed to correct the problem that has occurred, while being careful, and if you are not a professional in this field, then entrust this matter to a specialist.

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” 44 Comments “ PMT changed for ROM it must be downloaded what to do

  1. Man, I have unbearable respect for you! Thank you! 3 way helped, just did not throw out the pipe already). Now I put my native firmware back. more well, fuck it, flash it, especially when the nubyar is in this thread. May the force be with you!

    1. They are restored as follows) There are several options for this through various programs and through the engineering menu of the phone))) first go to Settings \ About phone \ go down to the item Communication module firmware \
      if it is not written there UNCONFECT, then everything is in order and you can go to the engineering menu of the phone (there are also several options to get there, either by dialing a special code in the call or using such Mobileuncle software MTK Tools and ToolHero, by the way using the same programs and try to put imei or registered family imei or they have proposed by the program but the beam will always prescribe its own))) but I will describe the method of recovery through the engineering menu)) and so go to the engineer by entering the code in the dialer * # * # 3646633 Further the menu will open. nerMenyu, see the top of the tab titled Telephony-Connectivity-Hardware Testing-Location-etc., we need the tab called Connectivity, swipe from right to left> svayp this sliding motion across the screen finger (flipping pages)>
      >> CDS Information, a list of this item will open in it. Look for a line called Radio Information. Tap (click) on it and tap on Phone 1. The information department will open with edit mode, we can see the line with the text AT + above and tap on it. and we enter the English E immediately the menu with the names AT + EGMR = 1.7 drops, "", etc. we tap on the first line and enter our name between the quotes, it should look something like this >> AT + EGMR = 1.7, "123456789123456 ″ then press the button SEND AT COMMAND which is just below the one you entered, now click back and select iraem >>
      Phone 2 and do the same operation as with the first SIM of Phone 1, only this time we select the second line AT + EGMR = 1.10, "" also in quotation marks enter our second name, press the SEND AT COMMAND button, for successful sending of commands it should be something like this is written AT Command Set: OK, on ​​different models it can probably be written differently, but I had it written like this, after this message we simply exit the engineer by clicking on the house at the bottom of the phone screen and send our smart to reboot using the usual standard (regular) method via off button, wait for those Lefon will turn on then wait for some time until the phone registers a SIM card (s) after opening the dialer again and dialing the code to check it has * # 06 # (if it doesn’t work out then you may need to call again) everything! a small window opens where we already see our names (numbers) and not the inscriptions wrong Imei. This confirms that they got up normally and without errors, now everything is working the network you can catch the call! Please those who will help a small article about the restoration of Imei. Until

  2. Thank you so much, the third way has revived my dead man. I decided to reflash my Lenovo on my head as a result I drove a handsome man into a brick. ))) Paul of the night wondered what to do with him. But here is your little article. From brick, he again turned into a telephone. Thanks again bro, well, it nafig that either stitch))

  3. Yeah, I’m joining one-on-one who say that this article is useful))) for me personally it finally helped me and I didn’t check my smart and even flashed with success in 100%)) after the firmware and the communication module was not unknown and there were written letters the numbers and in the engineer have registered without problems))) everything is as it should))) thank you very much Uncle)))))

  4. Hello!
    There is a question: recovery mode does not work on the tablet, the child installed the pattern and forgot what. As a result, I can’t throw it to the factory settings and reinstall the firmware. The window with a message from this topic also does not work. What advise?

  5. And what if the error crashes when I want to install a custom recovery? And you don’t want to make a format like passion ... Can you tell me? I have already tried different scooters ...

  6. Micromax E313 (MTK6592), returned from the country of bricks after a week-long coma. Already managed to give all hope of recovery, in exchange for a new SP mmx a79 (heaven and earth in comparison with E313),
    Pavlik Frost, thank you, great!

    1. P / S; The formatting helped with the subsequent download of a new ramp file. currently hanging on the splash screen after flashing stock lol 5,1.1.

  7. The author - you are super! Thanks only to your article, put the firmware on the phone. There is no error information on the 4PDA, only instructions (or maybe I was looking bad?). Put method 4, everything is OK! Works! I added this page to my bookmarks)

  8. Archipid article, finally on the horizon loomed a man who knows his native language, and does not slang to demonstrate their own intellectual superiority. Thank you very much and +100 to karma

  9. Thank you! It was a great help — I spent half a day in vain until I read this article — I formatted it and the firmware started. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!

  10. The guys did everything in 3 ways, but they didn’t read them completely. And now he got lost half way, now I’m not sure what to do?

  11. Do not risk, IMEI flies, try to change the version of the Flash Tool, I also had this error, I solved the problem by changing the flash drive

  12. I tried to fix it by the first method, in the end the device did "die". How to fix it, please write !!!

  13. not bad, for beginners it is clear and simple, but it is worth adding such a phrase in the conclusion “you should do everything above mentioned at your own peril and risk”

  14. IMHO method No1 change the version of the flash tool (Flash Tool) - it helped!
    Formatting - dancing with a tambourine
    For article +100

  15. Hmm ... And who will read the docks to the program? Or are used like monkeys buttons without even thinking about the process? (This is me about those who have worn out the devices)
    Ps edit imei in the engineering menu leads to the fact that after a general reset they will do. By the correct name you need to edit in nvram

  16. Method 3 solved the problem, but now another problem ... The phone does not turn on ... I can not find a suitable firmware ...

  17. Thank you very much!!! Method 3 helped! imei must now be restored and that's it! BQS 5020 strike phone

  18. By the way, if you have a fairly old phone on the fourth, for example, android, try simply changing the version of the SP Flash Tool on an older one: I used 1312 instead of 1532 and everything was fine in the old version.

  19. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! I looked at the mms. I had to reflash. After the reboot, the phone hung at the initial screen saver, your article helped me a lot, only the reset button pressed and everything went.

  20. Gee, ways 2-4 differ only in words ... Somewhere without verbal dodger, somewhere - with ...
    Wow, all of a sudden, secret shaman techniques are indicated in the 3rd method.
    - Connect disconnected tel. And then the SP Flash Tool will see it turned on, wait)))
    - Disconnect tel from pc after format. The “mighty language” forced the author to use the words “unplug the device” - so that you can guess how to (how) shutdown from shutdown - well, you understand)))
    Disconnect ... connect - what the fuck is the difference if the SPFT saw / picked up the body.
    Format, then Download - this is all the content of paragraphs 2-4. Now look for formal differences and think how significant they are ...

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