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Error while executing a POST request to the resource / e1cib / logForm

When exchanging client-server data in the 1C Accounting program (usually versions 8.3.xxxx), the local PC operator may suddenly encounter the message “Error while executing a POST request to the resource / e1cib / logForm”. This problem is usually of a software nature, and is caused by an incorrectly written update to this program. Below I will explain what the error of the POST request to the / e1cib / logForm resource is, what are the factors of its occurrence, and how to fix it.

Сообщение об ошибке
Error Message

The content of the article:

Translation and causes of dysfunction

The text of the error message when accessing the / e1cib / logForm is usually followed by a description of its cause, which may be of a different nature (server error, DBMS error, and others).

The problem occurs on the server version of the program, and after installing the next update to "1C". The versions of the program 8.3.6, 8.3.8.xx,, on which the dysfunction considered by me occurs most often, have become problematic.

“Error when executing a POST request to the resource / e1cib / logForm” occurs quite randomly, in most cases it does not have any regularities when it appears, which annoys quite a few users flooding the technical support of 1C of the “letter of happiness”.

Разбираем причины возникшей дисфункции
Parse the causes of dysfunction

As I mentioned above, the cause of the POST request error is the program code incorrectly written by the developers. Therefore, in this case, you should not look for reasons in the incorrect functionality of your PC, but focus on the existing solutions to the problem, which I will describe below.

You may also be interested in our material on the error code 0000000002 associated with the dysfunction of the filed declaration.

How to fix POST request error to resource / e1cib / logForm

To get rid of the POST error to the resource / e1cib / logForm, I recommend the following:

  • Perform a standard "Testing and Repair" (TI) of your database. This operation is performed by going to the “Configurator”, where in the “Administration” tab you need to select the “Testing and Repair” option. The operation must be carried out in a monopoly mode, therefore no one except you should be in the database. Before performing this procedure, it is recommended to make a safety copy of your databases;

    Выполните исправление вашей базы данных
    Repair your database
  • Install the most recent updates to your version of 1C. Since the peak of this error occurred in 2016-2017, since then, developers have released a number of updates to eliminate this error. Install fresh updates for your "1C", and if it does not help, then go ahead;
  • Roll back the program to the previous version. In some cases (when the users had the latest updates installed), the rollback of the program to an earlier (and more stable) version of the program helped;
  • When accessing the server 1C is recommended to clean the cache. Stop on the server a service called “server agent 1c enterprise”, in the server cache directory, delete everything except files with the extension * .1. An example path to the directory may be:

Program Files \ 1cv8 \ srvinfo \ reg_1541

Then restart the specified service;

  • Restart the 1C Enterprise server itself. For some users, this helped solve the problem of a POST request to the / e1cib / logForm resource;
  • Contact the official support of 1C for advice and assistance. An appeal to the network (for example, by e-mail or by calling (495) 956-11-81 to 1C technical support can also help. Since the error in question is massive and has not been observed for the first year, most likely the technical support specialists already have working algorithms for solving the problem.

    Обратитесь в техподдержку продуктов 1С
    Contact technical support products 1C

Also on our site we have disassembled the error 0400300003, due to the violation of the condition of the mandatory presence of the element .


The main factor in the occurrence of a POST request error to the resource / e1cib / logForm is the update code to the 1C program incorrectly written by the developers. An effective solution to the problem will be to update your version of 1C to the latest version, where the dysfunction in question has already been fixed, and the occurrence of the error in question is no longer observed.

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” 2 Comments “ Error while performing POST request to resource / e1cib / logForm

  1. The explanation is ambitious and empty.
    One of the reasons for this error is the transfer of the parameter in the request, whose value exceeds 2048 characters or has some special characters in the value.

    1. So in the above, it says “incorrectly written code by developers”, which prevented removing “some special characters in the meaning” from the request and cutting the length or returning the request with an indication of a specific error.

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