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The entry point to the procedure GetDateFormatEx was not found in the DLL KERNEL32.DLL

Microsoft Office software packages are used by a large number of people all over the world. The corporation has long become a monopolist in this area of ​​software. This software is used in many areas of business. But this does not mean that these programs work without failures. In Windows XP, when you turn on one of the office programs, you may encounter the error "The entry point to the GetDateFormatEx procedure was not found in the DLL KERNEL32.DLL". In this article you will find her solution.

The content of the article:

Because of what this error appears with the DLL KERNEL32.DLL

The error appears only on systems with 32 bit architecture. . The main reason is the update from Microsoft, which came out at the end of 2018 for Office 2010 packages. The main way to fix this problem with the lack of an entry point to the GetDateFormatEx procedure is to delete current updates . This was due to the fact that the developers did not test their update properly. But there may be other reasons. All of them will be reviewed and provided to you.

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Troubleshoot Office program issues

Consider the main solution to this error, “The entry point to the GetDateFormatEx procedure was not found in the KERNEL32.DLL DLL” . We need to get into the installed Windows programs and find the necessary updates. For this:

  1. Open the Start menu;
  2. Find the “Control Panel” button here and click it;
  3. In the next window, you need to find the item "Add / Remove ...". If you are unable to do this, select the link in the “View” item at the top right and set its value to “Categories”;
  4. Next, find the checkbox "Display updates" and put a tick here. The window displays the installed updates;
  5. Select the MS Office 2010 update here, and under it, select KB4461522;
  6. When you select a program, you will see the “Delete” link, click it.

    Удаление проблемного обновления
    Remove a problematic update in Windows XP

After this, we reboot our computer and try to run a program that caused an error entering the GeDateFormatEx procedure not found in the KERNEL32.DLL DLL. . If the error appears, we return again to the program uninstall window, open the updates and find another one - KB2863821 . Delete it. After this we need to restart the computer again and find out if the error appears.

For Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 operating systems, the process will be the same, only in the “Uninstall a program” section you must select the “Installed updates” menu from the left.

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Disable problematic updates to prevent dysfunction GetDateFormatEx

After we have removed the updates and fixed the error “The entry point to the GetDateFormatEx procedure was not found,” they can be downloaded to your computer again in the background. As you might guess, problems with office programs will appear again. To avoid this, you must disable these updates.

To do this, run the input line:

  1. » и нажмите клавишу ENTER; Press together WIN + R and enter the following command “ wuauclt / detectnow ” and press the ENTER key;
  2. After that, a yellow shield icon should appear in the tray (in the toolbar at the bottom right), click it;
  3. You should see in the next window the choice of parameters - “Quick install” and “Custom”. Select the second (selective) and click "Next";
  4. Another window will open where you need to remove daws from the updates that the system is trying to install and click the button below to continue;

    Снятие галочек с установки обновлений
    Uncheck installation of Windows XP updates
  5. Next, tick the item "Do not display more message" and click "OK".

You can re-enter the command to search for updates. Disabled should no longer be displayed since we deactivated them.

Disable Windows Updates

To eliminate errors with GetDateFormatEx and crashes due to Windows updates in the future, you can turn them off altogether. Quite often they cause a wide variety of errors and system failures. If you need any updates, you can independently check the release of new software on Microsoft. After that, you can manually download this or that update.

  1. Select the Start icon again at the bottom left and click "Control Panel";

    Кнопка "Панель управление"
    Button "Control Panel" in Windows XP
  2. Find the Security Center here;
  3. At the bottom of the next window, find “Automatic Updates”;
  4. Select “Disable ...” at the bottom, at the bottom, confirm the actions with the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.

A notification appears that the computer is now at risk. Close all notifications. This method in many cases solves the problem with this error. If the problem persists, try scanning your system with antivirus programs and utilities. If the GetDateFormatEx procedure entry point error is not found in the KERNEL32.DLL DLL library is repeated, try cleaning the hard disk of garbage and system files for integrity and errors.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (WIN + E) and select one of the right-click disks;
  2. Click "Properties";
  3. Click in the next window, the item "Clear Disk";
  4. Select all files in the next window and continue the cleaning process;
  5. Close the window and press WIN + R, in the input line write CMD;
  6. In a DOS-like window, add the following phrase “sfc / scannow”. It takes some time to wait and not open other programs and windows until the process is complete.

After this, check again whether the error of entering the GetDateFormatEx procedure appears in the system DLL KERNEL32.DLL.

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” 23 Comments “ The entry point to the GetDateFormatEx procedure was not found in the DLL KERNEL32.DLL

  1. Already deleted these updates, everything worked, but recently this has got out again after the next update. But there are no more updates to remove. What to do, tell me?

  2. Yes, it was after 090119 again having problems with the launch. Same waiting hints which updates to remove. Help!!! Thank.

  3. 01/10/19 this problem arose again, the removal of the kb4461614 update helped. No reboot required WinXP OS.

  4. 01/24/19 this problem reappeared. What update now need to be removed. Please help !!! Go to W7 in the near future will not work.

  5. Thank you for the article and especially - the comments. The removal of KB4461614 helped (win xp professional 2002 sp3)

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