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An error has occurred in the application.

Users of some mobile gadgets may encounter a message that regularly pops up on the screen on a black background "An error has occurred in the application". After clicking on “OK” the message is closed, some time passes, and then the specified message appears again. In this article I will tell you what is, why this error occurs, and how to fix on your mobile device.

Ошибка в приложении Андроид
Error in the Android application

The content of the article:

What is and why this error occurs

According to my data, the program is an adware ad (malignant program) that gets onto the user's mobile device using various mobile applications, such as photo editors (Snap Camera HDR, Beauty Camera), instant messengers (Snapchat, Viber) and so Further.

The functionality of such adware is aimed at displaying ads on your device, redirecting users to various advertising sites, as well as collecting various marketing information about user preferences.

In most cases, problems with were fixed on smartphones of the Chinese brands Doogee and Bluboo Picasso , running on the Android OS.

At the same time, in most cases, there was no anti-virus software on mobile devices, which allowed the aforementioned malware to easily penetrate into the operating system and conduct its activities there. снеп3

How to fix the error “An error has occurred in the application”

So how to fix error? A problem solving instruction consists of several basic steps:

  • Deactivate the application. To implement this, go to the "Settings" of your device, then in the "Applications", select the "All" tab on the right, find the application there . Tap on it, and after entering its settings, stop the process, clear its cache and data, if possible, uncheck the “show notifications” option;
  • Install a reliable mobile antivirus (for example, AVG ) on your device, and use it to scan the contents of your smartphone (or tablet);

    Мобильный антивирус AVG
    AVG Mobile Antivirus
  • Install a firewall on your device (for example, DroidWall) , and with its help, block all connections of this ( application;

  • Some experienced users also recommend using root privileges to deactivate the application, but there are usually enough of the two methods described above to get rid of the error on your smartphone.


If a message appears on your device on a black background with the text "An error has occurred in the application", this means that your device has a malignant adware ad, which should be stopped immediately. To remove it, I recommend finding and deactivating this program as described above, as well as installing a reliable anti-virus on your smartphone (mobile AVG level), it will be able to prevent the appearance of such malware on your device in the future.

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” 2 Comments “ An error has occurred in the application

  1. Thank you very much, an ad banner appeared, hard rizet did not help until it stopped the process, doogee phone!

  2. Thank! Phone Doogee with Ali. After 2 months after the purchase, after the update, this rubbish appeared, although there was a free Avast. Checked with Casper, Dr. Web, other antivirals - without result. There were more and more advertisements, specifically it made it difficult to just call, let alone internet. I cleaned it and turned it off for now only - I already sighed freely, but I will kill this filth until the end.

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