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Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ...

Error message “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ... ”often appears when Windows is incorrectly reinstalled and less frequently in the event of any problems with computer components. The text of the error is translated “It is impossible to load the Windows operating system. Problems can be at the hardware or software level . "

Устраняем ошибку Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause...
Windows error failed to start

The content of the article:

We eliminate the error by reinstalling Windows from a flash drive

In order to solve the problem, we need an installation flash drive with a utility from Microsoft or any other to create disk images. You must have a bootable USB flash drive, which must be inserted into the USB connector of the problem computer. The operating system is desirable to choose from version 7.

  1. Reboot the computer.
  2. We go into the BIOS with the help of a special key, which has its own for each motherboard, most often it is the DEL key.
  3. Open the “Boot Menu” section of the BIOS, or something similar, maybe one word “Boot”.
  4. Now our task is to install the flash drive first in the boot hierarchy. By default, the boot is from the hard disk. You need to know the name of your removable drive, for this you can peek in the partitions of the disks when writing to it Windows.
  5. Then press F10 to save the menu changes and restart the computer.
  6. When the line appears at the bottom of the "Press any kay from CD or DVD" screen, press any of the keys to start booting from the USB flash drive and start installing Windows.
  7. Further, the installation process is normal, as well as from the disk, only at the end, the system will try to reboot your PC to enter the windowed mode; After that, the system will boot up and configure the components themselves for operation.

We test the computer for malfunctions

In the previous way, you can resolve the error “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ... "at the software level, but what if the error lies in the failure at the hardware level? To do this, there are special programs that are able to test all components of the computer for performance. Consider one of these programs, which is called Aida 64. It is not the most popular because of its versatility and at the same time small. You can download it at .

Download it and run it.

  • Go to the “Test” tab in the program window, which can be found at the bottom left of the list.
  • It provides options for testing various computer components, such as memory, processor, etc. It is possible to check the computer for delays in memory, writing to the memory, hard disk for the presence of non-working, bad sectors, the performance of memory modules.
  • To select a test, click one of the suggested checks in the left window and click the start button.
  • To check all computer components, click on the “Report” bar in the top bar.
  • The Report Wizard window will open. To continue, click the Next button.

    Проверяем компьютер при помощи Aida 64
    Report Wizard in Aida 64
  • From the options, select "Hardware Partitions". Select a report option and wait for the process to complete.

Hard disk problems can cause errors

When you have two hard drives on your computer or a computer has an inserted USB flash drive, then most likely the problem is that the OS startup process is incorrect. To do this, go back to the BIOS.

  • Press the button when restarting Windows to get into the BIOS settings.
  • Find the item Boot.
  • In the paragraph Priority (you may have a different name) put in the first position the disk that contains the operating system.

    Выбираем диск с системой
    Selecting a disk in the BIOS menu
  • Then press F10 and confirm with the "Y" key.

If you encounter an error “Windows failed to start”, disconnect and disconnect all the drives and USB devices from the computer and try to start the system again.

Hard disk conversion from MBR to GPT and back

The problem can be solved by changing the type of disk partitions. For this, the system has a special function. With this procedure, all information will be deleted. So decide for yourself if this option is right for you. To find out what is the difference between the MBR and GPT disks, follow the link.

  1. Try to start the system in safe mode by pressing F8 at startup.
  2. Open the "Command Line".
  3. Then type in the following commands one by one to the computer - “list disk” and press “Enter”.
  4. The next command “select disk #” - instead of the asterisk, the disk number in the boot priority, press “0” and Enter.
  5. The "clean" command, and Enter. This will clear all disk partitions.
  6. Next, write "convert mbr" and confirm by pressing Enter. This command converts the disk to MBR.

After the process is complete, close all windows and restart the computer. Having performed such disk manipulations, the error “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be cause ... ”should disappear.

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