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A system error occurred while checking the trust relationship - Certificate

CryptoPro cryptographic utilities are used in many programs created by Russian developers. Their purpose is to sign various electronic documents, organize PKI, and manipulate certificates. In this article, we will look at the error that occurs as a result of working with the certificate - “A system error occurred while checking the trust relationship”. (Further…)

Unsupported partition table in Windows Loader - what to do?

The operating system Windows 7 is still leading in the number of users among all versions of this OS. Despite the fact that several new ones have long been released, including Windows 10. Microsoft products are quite expensive, so most use pirated versions. Any product of this company must be activated with special utilities. Sometimes there are problems with activation, and users are faced with the message Unsupported partition in Windows Loader. What to do in this situation, you will learn from this article. (Further…)

HDTVRip what kind of quality

On the Internet you can find movies with different quality. There are a lot of them and it is almost impossible to understand what they mean to an unsophisticated person. To determine what this or that quality means, we often have to turn to the network for an answer. In this article we will talk about HDTVRip. What is this quality and what properties it differs from others. (Further…)

Accepted by mail for long-haul transportation what does it mean?

Many of us order goods from China on various Internet sites. When purchasing a product, we begin to carefully monitor its delivery, hoping for a quick receipt of a much-anticipated package. One of the most frequently encountered postal delivery statuses is “Accepted by Mail for long-haul transportation”, which is rather mysterious in nature. Below we will analyze what is the postal status when it is displayed. And also we will list the main statuses that can be found when sending or delivering mail.

Принято для магистральной перевозки (Further…) what site

. Looking through any material on the web, we can come across a link in format. After clicking on this link, the Russian user encounters a notice of blocking this resource on the basis of Law 149-FZ. This link is a standard of references used in Telegram, the currently popular messenger of Pavel Durov. Below we will analyze what kind of site is, why there are problems in Russia with launching links, and what to do to circumvent state censorship. что за сайт (Further…)

Beautiful background for text on Instagram

Looking through the tape in our Instagram, we are delighted with the beauty of any image, which imposed a stylish quote. We would like to create something like this ourselves, but we don’t know where to get a beautiful background for text on Instagram, and how to put text we liked on it. Below we will analyze the list of programs and services that will help us in this, as well as tell you how to use them.

Красивый фон Инстаграм (Further…)

Couldn't load XPCOM when launching Firefox what to do

When launching Mozilla Firefox, a user may suddenly encounter the message “Couldn't load XPCOM”. After clicking on "OK" the message disappears, restarting the browser leads to exactly the same problem. The resulting error is usually associated with dysfunctions in the operation of the XPCOM object model, which is responsible for the language connections of various components and programs. Below we analyze what the error “Couldn't load XPCOM” when launching Firefox, and what to do if this error appears on your PC.

Текст ошибки (Further…)