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1 country code

Anyone who has ever tried to call another country has seen a completely different set of numbers in the subscriber’s number. For each country, the code is determined by a special international committee on telegraphy and telephony. From this article you will find out which country code is 1 (unit).

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Who designates country codes

Technical standards for digital, analog and other communications are being developed by an international telecommunication union. Standards are called recommendations. Here not only technical issues are solved, but also charging problems. Once every 4 years, representatives of the union of many countries gather to discuss recommendations and other issues. Some standards and recommendations require joint development with IEC and ISO organizations.

Which country does code 1 belong to?

All countries of the world are divided into 9 zones by the same international telecommunication union. For example, Australia, nearby islands and peninsulas have area code 6. The country code begins with this number. South America has an area code of 5. All country codes in this area begin with a number of 5. It is according to this principle that all country codes are formed in telephone numbers.

Телефонные зоны
Telephone zones on the global map

Все звонки на номера Соединенных Штатов Америки будут начинаться с +1. The USA is designated in the number zone with the digit 1. All calls to the numbers of the United States of America will start from +1. To dial an international number from a wired telephone that is connected to public telephone networks, you must first dial a special prefix. In some cases, you can choose an operator who will act as a link for an international call.

. Often in the directories for international calls you can see the symbol ~ . It denotes a dial tone between codes. For example, in some CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus) you can find such a prefix “8 ~ 10”. This means that you need to dial eight, then wait for the dial tone and dial the top ten. The Russian operator Rostelecom in a special mode allows the use of prefixes, which make it possible to choose the necessary operator for long-distance communications. Which country belongs to code 1, we have learned, now consider the famous emergency phone numbers.

Earlier we considered which country the code belongs to 380 .

Emergency Phones

Many people know such emergency number as 911. It is valid only in Canada and the United States. If a US citizen calls him, depending on the situation, he can call several emergency services at once, or one of them, depending on the situation. . Another common emergency number is 112 . You can call him in almost any country in the world. In addition to the country code 1 and emergency services 911, the number 112 is also valid in the United States.

Вызов экстренной службы 911
Emergency 911 Call Alert Notification

In Russia, he also acts, and in most regions you can already call him. In cities where the transition to a single emergency service has not yet taken place, other numbers are active:

  • — для вызова пожарной службы; 101 - to call the fire service;
  • — вызов полиции; 102 - call the police;
  • — вызов медицинской помощи. 103 - call for medical care.

In the Russian Federation there are some more emergency services. These include the emergency service, the gas network service, and the special service Antiterror.

In Russia there are also other telephone services that do not belong to the emergency type.

  1. — точное время относительно региона абонента. 081 - the exact time relative to the region of the subscriber.
  2. , 08 — ремонтное бюро. 125 , 08 - repair bureau.
  3. , 09 — справочная телефонная служба. 109 , 09 - reference telephone service.
  4. — служба поддержки граждан, которым необходима помощь в муниципальных услугах. 115 - support service for citizens who need assistance in municipal services.

How did service 112 appear

Number 112 appeared originally in Sweden. After that, in 1991, the number was approved at the Council of Europe as international. After that, in 1998, this decision was reinforced by an EU directive. The main task of the emergency service is to help those with whom the trouble occurred. In most countries, the number is active in parallel with other emergency services. In France, along with the number 112, there are several other emergency numbers, for example, 18 - the fire assistance service, 15 - medical assistance, 17 - the police. In Denmark, about 40 years ago, there was a similar single emergency number - 000.

In February 11, 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on the implementation of the emergency number 112, as a single universal number for various cases.

Internal phone numbers

In organizations, they often use one PBX for separate telephone networks. They operate only for this organization, including may apply to branches of the organization. For this purpose, special switching devices are used. Internal numbers are usually 3 or more digits. This combination greatly simplifies the dialing of numbers by employees. If the company is large, more complex combinations of 5, 6 and 7 digits can be used.

For communication with city numbers, calls outside the internal network, the organization draws one or more city numbers. If the call is incoming (from outside), and it is necessary for a certain employee or office to call, the call can be redirected manually by the operator of the company.

International call from USA

To make an international call in almost any country, you need to dial in front of the entire combination, including the country code, the number 10. This order of calls from a landline phone must also be made for the USA with country code 1.

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