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2317 what's the number?

All subscribers periodically use services from mobile operators. Services can be as basic offered by a standard set of tariff package. So extra, which users can connect at their discretion. Usually, they are connected using short numbers. In this article we will look more closely at what number 2317 is.

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What you need to know about the number 2317?

Tele2 subscribers' mobile phones receive messages from number 2317, in which it is written that a certain amount is charged to the user for a paid subscription to content. Resource content is sometimes different. But the fact of withdrawal for an unknown subscription remains. Most often in the message resource is specified. But in all cases, users claim that they did not subscribe to this service.

When contacting Tele2 technical support, the operator reports that they do not have the ability to connect subscribers to services without their consent. In this case, a logical question arises: who and how connected a paid subscription to questionable content to the number and what is this number 2317?

Today there are a large number of games and sites where you can subscribe almost unnoticed by yourself. This may be a mobile game in which advertising periodically appears.

Реклама в мобильных играх
Advertising in mobile games

Just press it, and the subscription is attached to your number. The operator may not really be involved in connecting paid subscriptions. The fact is that all operators allocate such short numbers (2317) for subscription subscriptions for rent. After providing these numbers to other owners, they are not responsible for the content that other companies and individuals already provide.

How to disable services at number 2317

и кнопку вызова (читайте также: как отключить подписку по номеру 4446 ). In order to disable services at number 2317 for Tele2 subscribers, you need to dial USSD command * 189 * 1 # and call button (read also: how to disable subscription by number 4446 ). Your device will display a list of all connected subscriptions on your number. и зеленую трубку. Look at this list, if it has a subscription at number 2317, dial the following command * 189 * 2 # and a green handset. When you dial the last command, you will disable all subscriptions that have been connected to your number.

». If the message that came to the number 2317 contains the site, you can disable it on the site itself by clicking on the link at the bottom of the main page “ Managing a paid subscription ”. Here you can find instructions on how to unsubscribe using the site interface. You can do this via SMS. » и отправьте его на номер 2317054. Услуга будет отключена. Dial on your phone a message with the word “ STOP ” and send it to the number 2317054. The service will be deactivated. You can call the technical support number of this site 8 800 333 57 17. Calling this number is free in your home region.

If you encounter this subscription, but you have another operator (MTS or Megaphone), you can also disable the subscription via SMS.

  • », затем через пробел введите цифры 5862 и отправьте на номер 5151. Для связи с оператором технической поддержки сайта позвоните по номеру 8 800 333 89 81; For Megaphone, enter the word “ STOP ” in the text of the SMS, then enter the digits 5862 after the space and send it to 5151. To contact the technical support operator of the site, call 8 800 333 89 81;
  • » и отправьте его на номер 771169. Это бесплатно в вашем домашнем регионе. If you use an MTS SIM card, enter the word “ STOP ” in the SMS message and send it to the number 771169. It is free in your home region. To contact the technical support operator, dial 8 800 333 20 85.

Content on

When you go to the website, you will notice that on the main page there is an 18+ icon. It notifies visitors that there is adult content.

Главная страница

In the main menu there are only 3 sections: music, pictures and movie trailers. The so-called portal is more like a one-page website. Content that provides a "portal" makes it clear that this site was created in a short time and, most likely, for organizing a base of paid subscriptions, and not for entertainment. Therefore, if you received a message on the number 2317, get rid of this subscription as soon as possible.

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  1. I turned to MTS, they said that it was not their number. I tried to find out from them the debt owed to the invoice, it turned out that they did not have such an account. Looks like scammers.

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