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380 code of which country and city

. In this article you will learn what country and city this code is 380 . Each phone number contains immutable codes that are specific to all numbers in a country, city, or operator. For each state, a special phone code is allocated, which will be displayed when a subscriber is called in another country. For city numbers, their code is also highlighted, which must be dialed when making a call to another region of the country.

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What country code 380 in cell phone numbers?

The telephone country code in mobile networks is otherwise called the telephone numbering plan. принадлежит Украине. Code 380 belongs to Ukraine. Usually, when dialing a number in front of the code, a plus sign “+380” is put. All mobile numbers, including mobile operators, have this code when dialing the number of the subscriber. All mobile operators in Ukraine use a closed numbering plan. This means that the same length is used for any mobile phone number in the country.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) prefers and demands from countries a closed numbering plan. In this regard, over the past few years, all country operators, by order, had to move to a closed plan. Russia received such an order in 2008. But only by 2013 it was executed by Moscow. Other regions of Russia, as a rule, do not need to dial the code of a country, a region, in order to reach another subscriber. And subscribers who are in the same city can even do without a code inside the home service area. This code follows immediately after the country code (for Russia +7).

An open numbering plan is convenient for both cellular network operators and their subscribers. That is why many countries have not yet fulfilled the order of the ITU. The international union also prefers that when dialing the number of another state, the digits “00” are used before the country code. This recommendation is not adhered to by many states. For example, Russia uses the eight at the beginning of the issue, Canada and the United States also have their own plan.

In the Ukrainian cellular numbers are not used region codes. It consists of a country code (+380), an operator code (for example, for Vodafone 050, 066, 099, 095) and seven digits of the mobile number of a certain subscriber. Usually, Ukrainians dial any number inside the country partially without a country code, for example, 095 1122334. Thus, only “0” is included in the code. This is followed by 2 digits defining the mobile operator. Now you know which country and which city the code belongs to at the beginning of the phone number 380.

Коды стран
World Codes

380 code of cities of Ukraine

In Ukraine, the code 380 is valid both for the country and for city numbers. So, to call another city in the country from a landline, you need to:

  • dial eight;
  • wait for the beep;
  • then dial the area code where you need to call;
  • the phone number of the subscriber.

In order to reach Ukraine from another country:

  • you must dial 8;
  • wait for the beep;
  • dial 10 380;
  • enter the area code;
  • enter the subscriber number.

Before dialing the subscriber number and codes, you need to specify a figure eight or a plus sign. What kind of character depends on the operator from which you are calling. Consider several city codes that are dialed when making a call from a landline:

  • Gorlovka - 380 624 number of the subscriber;
  • Donetsk - 380 62 number of the subscriber;
  • Enakievo - 380 6252 number of the subscriber;
  • Kramatorsk - 380 626 number of the subscriber;
  • Mariupol - 380 629 number of the subscriber;
  • Shakhtersk - 380 6255 number of the subscriber.

Country phone codes

Telephone codes of different countries are set by the international numbering plan in accordance with the E.164 standard. Any country has the right to independently form the numbering of telephone networks. Therefore, some codes of regions of the country may have numbers with a fixed or variable length. An example of a fixed length - in Russia, the United States and Canada, the region code has 3 digits. The countries of Japan, Israel, and Germany have the variable length of the region code.

In some countries, such codes are “stitched” into the subscriber’s number immediately. Such a plan is also called closed numbering. It is used in Norway, Spain and other countries. And in the Republic of South Africa, Switzerland, and Belgium, it is obligatory to use and "0" is the intercity exit code.

City phone
Type of city phone

Often the telephone area is determined and the price of a call to the subscriber. Calls in home regions, and sometimes several neighboring ones, are cheaper than calls to other zones of the state. There are also special regions of paid and free calls in networks for mobile phones. But there are more interesting pricing schemes. For example, in Israel there is no per se price distribution by region, all calls on a cellular network cost the same.

In Scotland, there are only 2 regions with different cost of calls. Ukraine with a country and city code of 380, does not use billing by city or region, calls here are the same, no matter where you call, to Donetsk or Lviv. Although attempts to divide tariffing by region were among many Ukrainian operators.

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