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4446 what's the number - how to disable?

Mobile device users often encounter various paid services from the operator and short numbers by which these services are connected and disconnected. Services can be from the operator as well as from its partners. At the same time, the connection diagrams of additional features in the phone are not always transparent. In this article you will receive an answer to question 4446 - what is this number and how to turn it off.

The content of the article:

Whose number is 4446?

The number 4446 is not attached to any operator. This is the short number of i-Free content provider services. This is a company that makes programs and games for different platforms. The official web page is located at This company has a number - 8 800 200 03 34, to which you can call for free. You can use it to disable services.

How to disable services at number 4446

Often, people complain that their phones send SMS to unknown numbers 4446, after which various amounts are deducted from the mobile balance. Usually this happens at the time of display of advertising in mobile games, regardless of the phone model. Games may contain links to this subscription on older, push-button models. If you confirm the purchase of game values ​​and other things, then a purchase request is sent from your number through 4446.

After you have learned that for the phone number 4446 you can refuse his services, for this you need:

  • On the site where the link from the game leads you, you can disable this service in the “Manage your subscription” section;
  • for Beeline subscribers it is necessary to send an SMS message, in the text of which write STOP to the short number 2210/4446, it is free;
  • if you are an MTS subscriber, send an SMS with the word STOP and send to this number 770640;

    Личный кабинет МТС
    Personal account MTS
  • subscribers of other operators can dial the toll-free number 8 800 200 03 34 and ask the operator to help disable the subscription.

I recommend to read: 0770 what is the number of Beeline .

How do short numbers work?

There are several terms that you need to know to understand how certain short operator numbers work:

  • A partner is an official or an individual who rents a short number for a specific period (for example, 4446). It is connected or the provision of paid services;
  • A content provider is primarily organizations that rent numbers from a mobile operator and distributes its services and products to them, it can also rent out its numbers to certain aggregators;
  • aggregator - this is a large content providers who occupy rooms for rent.

Often, services that aggregators and other participants of the scheme provide for rented short numbers are poorly controlled, and in some cases not controlled at all. Therefore, it is often possible to hear from the operator that they cannot help with the issues of switching off services for short numbers or send the subscriber to other services. Often, short numbers are a means to deceive subscribers.

Схема работы оператора
The scheme of the operator and his partners

In order not to fall for the bait of scammers and non-transparent schemes of organizations, it is necessary to turn off services for short numbers. Almost every operator in the Russian Federation provides this opportunity to subscribers. You can disable the number 4446, which subscribes to various services.

How to disable services on short numbers in Megaphone

Each Megafon subscriber has the ability to deactivate the service on the short number 4446. You can do this through your personal account on the site. If you live in a large city, you can contact the communications salon, where you will be prompted for further actions. You will need to make a small written statement that you are refusing services. You must have an identity document with you. и зеленую кнопку позвонить. If this option does not suit you, you can dial the USSD command on your smartphone * 105 * 7000 # and call the green button.

Disable short numbers on Beeline

Beeline subscribers can check all their paid subscriptions in the LC in their profile. To do this, click "Subscriptions" and in the services section, select "Connected services". Here you can also disable any paid service 4446 that you accidentally connected to or you no longer need it. » или « СТОП ». Each subscription will be canceled if you send an SMS to the number from which you subscribed to the services, and in the text you need to write the word " STOP " or " STOP ". On the official website confirm this statement. There can be no exceptions. I hope you understand what this number is and how you can deactivate the service hiding under the phone 4446.

Turn off all services in MTS

In MTS, subscribers can turn off all paid services at once, which are connected by short numbers. This can be done in your personal account, here you need to find the section "Ban content". или просто 0890 . You can call the operator by dialing 8 800 250 0890 or simply 0890 . The short number is available only in the MTS network. и клавиша вызова. You can disable all the short numbers for your number by dialing * 984 # on the mobile keyboard and a call key. If the subscriber goes to one of the corporate tariff plans, the ban on all short numbers will be automatically connected. . In this case, you will not have to disconnect services at 4446 anymore.

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4 Comments “ 4446 what is the number - how to disable? "

  1. Nothing went !!!!! 4446-scammers What right did they have without my consent to connect their nonsense? And not in any mobile - retarded games I have not played and I am not going to play. This is not normal !!! Constant fraudulent connections! Unscrupulous charges! In decent countries for such filth punished - we can do anything ??? I ask providers never! NOTHING to connect anything Right now! They all cheat. And most importantly, they write all sorts of crap in SMS: call if you are not satisfied with the service. What? And who are you And about what? Fie, freaks, got I am afraid to put money on the phone - these freaks will write to themselves again

  2. I have a button phone for 500 rubles, so no SMS is sent without my knowledge. But last year, messages from a short number began to arrive that there was not enough funds for a write-off, a day or two after recharging the balance (it’s good that auto-completion is not connected). Neponyatki some began to understand. Nothing in the personal account, the provider on the site is empty, tried to write to them about fraud, but failed. I went to the central office of the provider, they asked for my number, a short number and disconnected it without asking for my name, in less than a minute - I conclude that this is an ordinary procedure that has drunk it off.
    And now I’m writing as I received a message from the number 4446 “there are not enough funds to order the service” (just in case I keep the balance at a minimum, now I’ll generally replenish 20 rubles each). And here the beeline writes that there are no connected paid services. Phone number entered last time on existential.
    In short, almost everything that is written in the article is past the box office. You can send a STOP (or STOP) to a short number for the same 30-50-100 rubles and hope that it will be turned off, you can go to the office and point out the nix. But the question will remain unanswered. Who subscribes to these subscriptions? Disconnect it will disconnect, but the hand washes the hand and not the fact that the next day they will not secretly connect again.

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