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9091 site find in the search engine - what is it?

Probably, many users in the network faced scams of different levels. They can be harmless and childish - please send 100 rubles for 6 happy Webmoney wallets. But there are schemes and resources that cannot be determined immediately that this is a “divorce”. On the Avito ad site, many users received messages from an unknown person with the text "Find the 9091 site in a search engine." Today we will find out what it is.

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What is this site 9091?

The site is a new domain name. Previously, the site was called The administrators of the previous site deleted the domain due to the large number of negative reviews. To date, both domains are closed. It can be assumed that there will be a new domain, as the resource seems to be fraudulent. On previous resources, users were offered to place ads for a certain amount of several dozens of popular resources on the Internet, such as Slanet,,, and others.

These sites received negative reviews because they did not fulfill their obligations to users. Payment was made, but services were not provided. The owners of these sites themselves are engaged in increasing the popularity of their resource due to spam on popular message boards, like Avito. Users registered here often received messages that there is a better resource; you only need to find it yourself in a search engine.

About domain

If you refer to the statistics of the site, then you can see that it is relatively recently created. He existed for more than 2 months.

График активности посетителей
Graph of the activity of visitors on the site 9091

For fraudulent resources, this is quite a long period. Paying attention to visiting this site, we can say that it was made cheat special programs. The following information about the site only confirms that fraudsters acted.

  1. The domain name is registered to a private individual with an e-mail Seriously similar services on the Internet are groups of administrators who have clearly distributed responsibilities.
  2. The site is located on servers shareware hosting provider This hosting on the Internet is not considered professional. It targets an amateur audience.
  3. Domain highlighted by registrar. Nothing can be said for this parameter. The service has been working for a long time, during this time they have been allocated a lot of domains, which today are very popular.

If you received a message from the scammers 9091 search for the site, and you fell for this trick, that is, the good news. The administrator offered a purse to pay for services in Yandex Money. This wallet 410014827979779 belongs to the user who has a confirmed account. This means that the user provided a copy of the passport to the Yandex system. Therefore, you can write to him a complaint in support, and his funds will be frozen.

It may be interesting: According to your account, insurance charges were found in the amount of 32,578 rubles, which means .

Today, there is a similar site on the net,, which offers services that are already familiar to us — placing your ads on dozens of popular message boards. This resource offers the placement of your ads manually and automatically. At the same time on the site we are warned about the scam sites and

Предупреждение о мошенниках
Scam Warning at

At posted contact phone. Therefore, you can contact the representative of this site and ask him your questions. There is also an e-mail address button, where you can write via e-mail. Despite the fact that there are many contacts for communication, the site has some oddities. For example, if you open the feedback window, a message is written here to visitors that all orders will be fulfilled June 28, 2018 - the past date. And also, that the execution of orders occurs with delays due to technical reasons.

Главная страница

User reviews of the site 9091

On various websites, according to reviews, you can find a large number of comments on the site that received a message with the text "Look at 9091 sites in a search engine." Most of them are stories of users who have been deceived by these scammers. A motorist who tried to sell his old car told his story, but for a long time he could not find a buyer. He wrote in messages that you can place ads on many bulletin boards at once and he paid more than 1 thousand rubles for this service. The man waited for a long time, but there were no results, as his ads were posted on other resources.

You can post your ad on different online boards on your own. All you need is a list of the most popular. They can be found in any search engine. It’s enough to create 2-3 ads in 1 day and at the end of the week you will post about 20 of your offers yourself. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t trust such messages “search site 9091 in a search engine”. After all, these sites and scam there are quite a lot on the Internet.

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