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The game was remembered, probably, by many fans of online browser games. She was devoted to many articles and videos, various cheats and fashions were created, tens of thousands of users from morning to evening enjoyed the gameplay of this exciting game. Impressed by the success of Slizario and seeking at least to achieve the same popularity, the development team released an improved version of this game called ( In this article I will tell you what kind of game is, what are its characteristic features, and also describe the cheats on available at the time of reading the article by the reader.

Описание читов на Вормикс
Description of cheats on Wormix

The content of the article: game features

As I wrote a little higher, in appearance the game is very similar to, while having more pleasant graphics and advanced features. The goal of the game also repeats the goal of the already mentioned "Slizario" - you need to achieve the maximum length of your snake by eating food and fighting with competitors.

In this game "Vormaksio" has a number of features:

  • More eye-catching graphics;
  • Minimum lags (the latter have already become the "talk of the tongue" for;
  • Three active skills (in the presence of selected artifacts) - the Q key activates acceleration, W - abruptly stops your snake, the E key makes your snake temporarily immune to attacks from enemies;
  • The presence on the map of reinforcing bonuses that you can pick up (for example, zoom allows you to increase the view of the map scale, the magnet attracts nearby food to you, and so on);


  • The game can be played with friends (this option is available after registering on the game server);
  • You can also purchase additional colorful skins and cheats for a fee.

Tips and tricks to

Further in the article I will talk about the cheats on the game If you are interested in the tips and secrets of, then I would advise first of all to rely on the skills acquired in the already mentioned In particular, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. As long as your character is small, he has the advantage of agility and agility. Catch on your acceleration more large and clumsy competitors, let them crash into your belly and die;
  2. As long as you are small, it makes sense to carefully accompany the huge worms near their tail — when they die, you can profit from their remains;
  3. Actively use the keys W (full stop) and E (invulnerability) in a situation when someone tries to catch you in acceleration;
  4. When your character gets a solid size, take the smaller worms into the ring and gradually narrow your circle - they have nowhere to go, and they will die, and you will have lunch with their remains;
  5. If you are big, then go inside your own circle if you are in danger - no one is afraid of you there;
  6. There are a lot of boosters on the game location, a kind of cheats - use them, it improves your competitive advantages in the game competition;
  7. Playing with friends is more interesting - click on the corresponding button when entering the menu, register on the server, and enjoy the game process. cheat on mass

Of course, the reader is interested in cheats that can make the gameplay more vivid and memorable. , а при появлении новых читов они будут автоматически включены в данный материал. Since the game is completely new, the output of high-quality cheats on “Vormaksio” is only in development, but the first of these are not already described in the video below , and when new cheats appear, they will be automatically included in this material.

If you, dear reader, want to be one of the first to learn about new cheats for - then write about it in the comments to this article, share it on social networks, and when a new and effective cheat appears, you will be the first will know about it.



If you are interested in hacking, then you need to wait a bit until the analysis of it and a link to it appear on our website. In the meantime, have patience, and hone your game skills on the standard gameplay, because the game without cheats is often even more exciting than with it. Play, take a chance, and win!

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  1. Do not crawl behind the tail suddenly the worm will eat the food mass booster the star will stop at the place and you will crash

  2. I saw the King of Skin, I thought UTB admin he bumped into me, but instead he died, I breathed, I used UTB cheater or admin he was in nebill top then I took 8th place he was much more than me as 1st place

  3. I play in the top ten in forever in the foreground in the first place in the first place once was 10 hours

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