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What is a candy bar?

One of the essential properties of modern technology is their constant desire for compactness, ergonomics and efficiency. This is especially true of the production of personal computers, which are becoming smaller, more compact, more convenient, while their performance and computing power only increases every year. In this article, I will consider a competitor of the system unit of your PC called a "candy bar", I will describe what a candy bar is, tell you about its characteristic features, and also tell you what is better - a candy bar or laptop.

Описание моноблока
Description of monoblock

The content of the article:

What is a candy bar and what is it for?

So what is a candy bar, and why such a name? From Greek “μονος” (monos) means “one ”, therefore the name “monoblock” can have a technique that combines several devices in one case. Accordingly, in our case, the term "monoblock" we call the monitor, which has built in the case of all the necessary stuffing a modern computer, including the motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive, hard drive, and so on, with all the attendant capabilities. Or, to put it simply, a monoblock is a computer assembled in one case with a monitor.

Так выглядят внутренности моноблока
It looks like the inside of a monoblock

Externally, a keyboard, mouse, printer and other necessary for the operation of such a PC device are connected to the monoblock through the appropriate connectors.

Benefits of monoblock

For a deeper understanding of the fact that this is a monoblock, it is necessary to consider its advantages and disadvantages compared to the system unit of a conventional PC. For me, the advantages of a monoblock are as follows:

  1. The monoblock takes up less space, it is more convenient to integrate it into the interior of your home;
  2. It makes almost no noise, unlike standard system units, which are often quite noisy;
  3. If you are not demanding of PC power, a monoblock will be an excellent choice for you, combining convenient design, compactness and convenience of location, which is a plus for both home and office;
  4. There is a solid choice of options for a monoblock with a touch screen that expands the possibilities of using this device;
  5. Due to the fact that all of its filling is in one compact package, the monoblock has a smaller number of wires, which is also its advantage;
  6. A device combining several delays is placed on a stand that is convenient to adjust;
  7. Often, the monoblock has the function of a TV (a TV tuner is built in), so it will be convenient to use it as a television receiver and even hang it on a wall like a regular TV.
Удобная подставка позволяет регулировать варианты размещения моноблока
Comfortable stand allows you to adjust the placement options monoblock

Monoblock shortcomings

In this case, examining the themes of what it is a candy bar, you can not do without listing the shortcomings of such devices. For me, they are as follows:

  • Monoblock a little upgradeable. If in a stationary unit you can replace a lot of components with their more advanced counterparts, then there will be difficulties with this in a monoblock. Even a simple replacement of components can be a difficult task, since it will be necessary to find an identical part and carry out its correct replacement;
  • Cooling a regular PC system unit is often more powerful and efficient (and louder). Therefore, the advantages of the cooling system often turn into its drawbacks;
  • Monoblocks are generally more expensive than regular PCs with a system unit. The reader can look at the prices for similar devices independently, it will allow to understand more better that such monoblock and what its cost for today.

    Моноблок с сенсорным экраном
    Monoblock with touch screen

What is better monoblock or laptop

In the analysis of the topic of what a monoblock means, one cannot avoid the question of whether a monoblock or a laptop is better. In essence, their functional monoblocks are similar to laptops - they are also very compact and more convenient to carry than stationary PCs with a massive system unit. However, between the laptop and the monoblock there are a number of significant differences:

  • It does not have its own autonomous battery and stops working immediately after it is disconnected from the network;
  • Monoblock on average consumes more electricity than a laptop;
  • The average monoblok weighs qualitatively more than a standard laptop, because carrying it with you when traveling will not be very convenient;
  • The screen of an average monoblock is usually larger than that of a laptop; therefore, it is more convenient to enjoy the visual content on a monoblock;
  • The laptop has a built-in keyboard, and the keyboard is usually connected via USB to a monoblock.

    Ноутбук и моноблок
    Laptop and monoblock

Summarizing all of the above, it should be concluded that if you are interested in compactness and mobility, it is better to choose a laptop, and if it is supposed to be placed in one particular place in the interior, then you should choose a monoblock, primarily due to the better visual capabilities of the latter.

Should I buy a candy bar?

In considering what a monoblock should, first of all, pay attention to its advantages - smaller volumes, good ergonomics, the almost complete absence of work noise and the frequent availability of a TV tuner. Monoblock will be an excellent choice for those users who need the functionality of modern computers, and who, at the same time, are very demanding of the place occupied by such a PC. If you, dear reader, are from such people - then take a closer look at modern monoblocks, perhaps this is what you need.

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