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What a site

Who is the most popular user in the social network VKontakte? To find out, you need to do a lot of work on your page, make calculations for subscribers, visits and much more. But it turns out there are sites that can provide you with a list of users. Whose pages are most popular without preliminary calculations on their own. Today we will look at what is and find out how to work with it.

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What is this site

If you go to the page, you can see on the main page - a list of the most popular users of the social network VKontakte. In the first position is the creator of this popular service Pavel Durov. The following 3 places are occupied: Ivan Rudskoy (Ivangai), Dmitry Medvedev and Katya Clap. The main indicator of popularity here is the number of subscribers. Pavel Durov has almost 6 million fans, Ivangai has more than 2,441,000 subscribers, Dmitry Medvedev has 2,275,000 and Katya Clap has 1,588,000.

Главная страница
Main page

Every user here has an avatar that corresponds to a real photo on the user's page. The site has a rather minimalistic design style. At the top is the main menu block, which is made in the form of a pale blue ribbon. Here is the name of the site, on the right there are 2 points - “Top Users” and “Contacts”. In the header of the main page is a large banner with advertising. At the bottom of the page there are 2 more small ad units, due to which there is a website.

Section "Contacts" allows you to create a message and send it to the site administrator. If you select one of the profiles in the list, you will be able to see the basic information about it, which can be read on the VKontakte site, nothing new.

Информация пользователя
User information on the page

Under the name is the button "Delete Page". Below is a block with the interests of the user, and on the right is the occupation and education.

There are 200 people on the “Top Users” page. On the main page there are pages of people from the top and below as many random VK users. In addition to this information, the site contains nothing more. I hope now it is clear to you what the site is.

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How to remove your page from the database of the website

Under the top, random user pages are displayed. If your page currently exists, then there is a small chance that it will fall into this block and be available to other users of this site. If you do not want your page to be displayed on the resource, you can create a request for deletion and send it to the administrator by mail.

Ссылка "Контакты"
Link "Contacts" on the page

Pages that were closed from public viewing on the VKontakte site in the "Random Users" block on the site will not be displayed. This is written by the site administrator himself. At the same time, the message also states that profiles on the site can be deleted only if they are deleted on the VK site. Therefore, requests, and even more so, the requirements will be ignored.

In any case, you can try to create an application:

  • press the “Contacts” button at the top;
  • in the first field, enter your name that you use on the page;
  • then enter your email address, enter the one that is linked to the VK page;
  • enter the request to delete the page in the "Messages" field;
  • Click the "I am not a robot" button and below the "Send".

    Форма обращения к администратору
    Administrator Contact Form

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Removing a page from for money

The site has the opportunity to remove not only your profile from the database, but also any other for money. To do this, in the profile of the page you need to click the appropriate button, after which the system will transfer you to the page of deletion and payment for the service. For users from the "Random" block, the cost of the service is 199 rubles. If you want to remove someone from the top, then prices here are already significantly higher. For example, to remove the developer VKontakte from the database, you need to put the administrator as much as 6,000 rubles.

Удаление страницы
Remove page from database

There are 3 ways to pay for the page removal service - transfer from a mobile phone balance, Yandex.Money, and a Visa card. For payment, you must select a method, enter payment information and confirm the payment.

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Does data from Valet really disappear after closing VK page

Some users write that after removing their page on the VKontakte website, the data will still remain on the website. This can be easily verified using any search engine. Just enter your name or nickname from the page in the search box, and you can find it on If you select one of the users on this site, then all information about the user will be displayed here as well as on the VK page.

Many users are extremely dissatisfied with this site due to violation of the law on the dissemination of personal data of users. Therefore, if you have any misunderstandings with the administrator of the site, you can contact support VKontakte and report the content of the site

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