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What does the letter E in music VK

VKontakte social network provides for its users a huge archive of musical compositions, which they can listen to at any time. Anyone here can make their playlist by clicking on the plus sign in front of any song. When viewing the list of melodies, unknown characters sometimes come across, for example, the letter E. Most of the users do not know what the letter E means opposite the name of the music in the VC, let's understand.

Иллюстрация буквы E возле песни
Illustration of the letter E near the song

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What is the letter E near the song VK

According to the rules of VKontakte, users of at least 12 years old can create an account. Therefore, minors on the site quite a lot. Musical performers, as we know, do not always adhere to the literary Russian language. And the administration of the site is trying in every way to prevent children from listening to similar content. (явный, откровенный). In front of such songs you can see the letter E, which is the initial letter of the word Explicit (explicit, frank). That is, the songs can be scenes of an intimate nature.

Буква Е возле названия композиции в ВК
The letter E near the name of the composition in the VC

You can meet songs with the letter E, if you have indicated in your profile the age of less than 18 years. It is quite possible if another adult user opens the same composition, this letter will not be next to the song. So far, this is just a warning on VKontakte, although in other social networks and services there are slightly different rules about obscene songs.

Вопрос пользователя о букве Е в музыке ВК
User question about the letter E in the music VK

Letter E in Apple Music

Similar situation in Apple Music. Here, the letter E indicates obscene language used in the song, and such a video can be later deleted or blocked by the administration.

To bypass a lock and listen to prohibited content:

  • go to the settings of your Apple device;
  • select the section "Basic";
  • further find the item "Restrictions";

    Раздел "Ограничения" в устройстве Apple
    The "Restrictions" section on an Apple device
  • if you used restrictions on this device before, then you already have a password, you will just have to enter it, if not, create one;
  • after you have logged in, find Allowed Content, where podcasts and music are located. Clean is likely to be installed here, but you need to activate Explicit.

    Раздел "Подкасты, музыка" в устройстве Apple
    Section "Podcasts, music" in the Apple device

. Now go back to Apple Music and you can try to open any song marked Explicit . It should open. Done, you can access any content with the letter E.

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What happens to VKontakte music now?

In some cases, the music of the social network VKontakte imposed restrictions in free use. For example, users will not be able to listen to tracks from a mobile application in a minimized state. Or when the phone is locked. These restrictions are removed by a paid subscription, although its registration is not mandatory.

Administration of soc. the network began to massively delete songs of some artists. It has been going on since 2012, when artists began to make complaints on VKontakte. Gradually limited to the service of music VK in iOS, until a certain point, until in 2015 it was not closed at all. Since then, the social network has been able to establish relations with world leaders in the music industry, such as Universal Music, Sony Music and Warner Music, and now the music service on VKontakte has resumed its work at Apple. Here, too, is the letter E in VK music.

Boom application to download and listen to VK songs

The Boom application is a VKontakte partner who helps to legalize music and takes an active part in the development of the entire service. The Boom application allows you to download tracks, after which you can listen to them without connecting. A subscription to the music VKontakte applies to this application.

In this program there are special sections with updates, as well as recommendations. There is another significant advantage - here you can cache content. And in the tape records are recorded friends of the user, groups, publics, where the composition is attached.

According to many users - the application is not finalized. It is not separated when searching for a composition in the original from a converted one, added by other users. Like on the social networking page, here you can hear instead of the original Lady Gaga - the idiot "repchik" of some teenager.

The developers have announced a large number of features and capabilities of the application. Among them, a player with an equalizer, top new songs on the main page, a smart search with a lot of filters, saving songs to your device or hard drive, creating your own collections. But users took the application quite cold. In the Google Play Store, it gained only 1.9 points.

Приложение Boom
Boom app

The benefits of music VKontakte

Despite the fact that recently the administration of soc. VKontakte networks increasingly limit access to popular music, the service still remains quite popular for many. There is still the largest archive of musical compositions from around the world. Including the works of novice performers. Compared to other services, VKontakte has the most “soft” restrictions on music (the letter E in VC music, in other services this may mean blocking), and the price of a paid subscription to content remains the lowest.

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