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This type of communication is not available to the subscriber what it means

In this article I will tell you what it means "This type of communication is not available for the subscriber," what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to fix it. For many of us, mobile communication has long become an essential attribute of our life. Every day we make or receive calls, exchange SMS or MMS, just communicate or solve many business issues. In this case, there are situations when calling a person close to or familiar to us, we receive an automatic message that “This type of communication is not available to the subscriber.” Assuming problems with the operation of our phone (or the quality of communication), we begin to check the balance of our account, reboot our phone and take many more chaotic steps to solve the problem. Next, I will tell you how to fix this problem.

Проблемы со связью у абонента
Problems with the subscriber

The content of the article:

What does "This type of communication is not available for the subscriber" and what are the reasons for this message

Before considering the significance of the message that the type of communication used is not available, first of all, focus the reader’s attention to the fact that communication problems are not observed by the caller, but by the caller. The latter, as a rule, blocks the possibility of voice calls and receiving incoming calls from the operator, and the reasons for this may be as follows:

  • Lack of money in the account of the subscriber receiving the call . Most likely, your subscriber did not go to zero, but to a negative balance , and, apparently, he is not in a hurry to replenish his account, hoping to work exclusively on receiving calls. In this situation, operators often block incoming calls to such a number, and if someone calls to the specified number, they will automatically receive a voice message “This type of communication is not available to the subscriber” to their mobile phone;
  • Your subscriber is in roaming (often abroad). At the same time, there are very few funds on his account (often there is not enough for a minute of conversation), because this can also be one of the reasons for the appearance of a voice message, this type of communication is not available to the subscriber;

    Нет связи с абонентом
    No communication with the subscriber
  • Your subscriber independently blocked incoming calls for various reasons (for example, unwillingness to pay for incoming roaming when a minute of conversation can cost a few dollars and the person is abroad for a long time);
  • In rare cases, the message “This type of communication is not available for the subscriber” (in English Sorry, this type of call cannot be setup”) is used when the subscriber’s phone is disconnected ;
  • The specificity of a user's SIM card allows him to work only with the Internet , and he cannot receive voice calls (for example, the operator's SIM card is in a 3G – modem that serves to work with the mobile Internet network);
  • Poor quality of the mobile operator’s signal (including when your subscriber is in the subway, elevator and other similar places with poor communication quality);
  • Well, the last, also common reason is the trivial failure of the cellular operator (this is not as rare as it may seem).

    Сбой в работе сотового оператора
    Failure of the cellular operator

I think you understand what it is "This type of communication is not available to the subscriber," and when this message appears.

How to call if this type of communication is not available for the subscriber?

So, if you received an automatic message that “this type of communication is not available for the subscriber,” then most likely you are calling any of the numbers of the MTS (Mobile TeleSystems) subscriber who has been blocked (or who has blocked) incoming calls for any reason. For other operators, usually, the message I am considering has a modified lexical form such as “This number (or subscriber) is not serviced” (Megaphone); “The number you dialed is temporarily blocked” (Beeline) and so on.

С описанным выше сообщением обычно сталкиваются абоненты МТС
MTS subscribers usually encounter the message described above.

Step 1. First, try to wait a bit , calling back after a while. If this is a failure of the operator or just your subscriber is in the subway, where there is a weak signal level, then, having shown a little waiting and holding, you can call the person you need.

Step 2. In the case of blocking the subscriber number for financial reasons, the simplest solution to the problem would be to replenish the mobile account of the person you are calling . It is possible that at the moment the latter is experiencing certain financial difficulties, and if you want to urgently reach him on an important business, it will be easier to simply replenish his mobile account. Today, operators allow you to do this without any problems, using both nearby terminals and using SMS, online banking and so on. Moreover, if your subscriber is in roaming and abroad, it is worthwhile to top up his account with a qualitatively large amount than would be necessary for calls within the country.

Оплата счета
Bill payment

Step 3. It is also worth trying alternative ways to get in touch with the subscriber. Use different internet messengers, e-mail, SIM cards of other operators, calls to mobiles of his relatives and friends, in a word, those methods that will help you to contact the person you need. At the same time, blocking incoming calls, operators often leave the possibility of receiving incoming SMS, so if you have a need to notify the subscriber about any event, you can try to send him an SMS message. In the best case, you can even receive a return SMS, since the fee for the latter, even when roaming, is not so great.

As a last resort, you can call the hotline of your operator, tell about the specifics of your problem and ask if the operator has problems with communication and what you should do in this situation.

If the error occurs when they call you

Well, if you can not get through, receiving the above message “This type of connection is not available to the subscriber,” then you should check your account balance, and also make sure that you do not accidentally block incoming calls (you can cancel the blocking by typing ## 002 on the keyboard of your phone # or an alternative code that is relevant specifically for your device).

If you are blocked for financial reasons, you should contact with a passport and the necessary amount to pay off debts on your account to the nearest contact center of your mobile operator to correct the problem.

Контакт-центр мобильного оператора
Contact center of mobile operator


In the absolute majority of cases, the user receives the message “This type of communication is unavailable for the subscriber” when calling the number of an MTS subscriber that was previously blocked by the operator for financial reasons. To unblock the possibility of incoming calls to this number, it will be enough to pay off the financial debts on the specified mobile account, which will allow you to make and receive calls on this number in the standard mode. It also does not interfere with checking your device for accidental blocking of incoming calls - if this, nevertheless, has happened, then use a special code to unblock the latter on your device.

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  1. I recently called a friend on my mobile, and he has a Beeline operator. And I hear in response a voice message as a type - this type of communication is not available for this subscriber. I replenished the account and everything was gone.

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