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PKU Tax-Service that the letter came in the mail

In the Russian Federation, tax services have different functions. This state body performs not only the control of timely payment of the respective taxes of individuals and legal entities, but also performs registration functions. Therefore, the service staff has to work with a large amount of information. An institution was additionally formed for these functions - PKU “Tax-Service”. It takes part of the work of the main body on itself. In this article we will analyze what letters come to citizens from PKU Tax-Service.

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What is this letter from PKU Tax-Service?

The abbreviation PKU stands for a federal public institution . The name of the institution says that it is endowed with certain powers, and also contains some property that no one can dispose of without the consent of the relevant state bodies. Commercial companies have no relationship and do not affect its activities, but may be contractors or intermediaries.

In 2013, an order was created from the main body, the Federal Tax Service, on the transfer of functions to the processing and distribution of tax notices and claims to citizens and other enterprises.

The responsibilities of PKU Tax-Service also include:

  • Data processing and the creation of the necessary documents;
  • Processing of all tax accounting, incoming documentation, reception and output control;
  • Scanning and input of documents during the registration of citizens and legal entities;
  • Contact taxpayers by phone and other contacts to inform them of the need to pay taxes and fees;
  • Creation of an archive of documents;
  • Making copies of documents and their distribution;
  • Network infrastructure management and creation of conditions for IT outsourcing.

As you can see from the list of duties, PKU Tax-Service is not only engaged in storing and collecting the necessary information, but also printing, sending out requirements and other documents for the tax service. Thus, all citizens who are taxpayers can periodically receive a letter from the sender of PKU Tax-Service.

How to contact the organization PKU Tax-Service

In some situations, including controversial, citizens who received a letter from PKU Tax-Service may have questions about this service. Anyone can do this; this service has a physical address. It is located in Moscow, travel March 3/3 . It has an index - 125373 . But, unfortunately, the e-mail address of the PKU is not, as there is no mobile phone number. Perhaps it is for legal entities, but the ordinary citizen cannot get through to the service.

This cannot be done for a simple reason - the service is only an intermediary, a subsidiary. All questions you can ask the main service FTS. There is technical support, which you can call by phone, write to e-mail or make an appeal in electronic form on the official website of the institution.

Some citizens are interested in the question of why letters with demands for payment of taxes do not come from the main tax service, but from PKU Tax-Service. This question has already been disclosed above - the PKU service was created to take over some of the work functions, including the mailing lists. Therefore, the letter arrives in the mail from PKU Nalog-Service and I hope you understand the fact that this letter came to you in the mail.

What can be in the letter from PKU Nalog-Service

After receiving notification of the letter from PKU Nalog-Service, people have many questions, one of them - what can be in the letter? To find out exactly, a person needs to visit the post office at the address specified in the notice and open the envelope with the notice and passport.

We can only assume the nature of the letter in the incoming envelope:

  • the letter may contain a request for the presentation of personal data that was not supplemented when filling out certain documents or tax returns;
  • notification that the case of tax evasion has been submitted to the court. This can happen if for a long time to ignore the requirements of the payment of the necessary funds, as a tax on the possession of property;
  • the notification of overpayment of money that was made earlier.

Overpayment reporting is much less common than others. And many people think that this is not a very important message and do not react to it properly, mistakenly believing that the paid funds in excess of the norm will automatically switch to paying the tax next time. Unfortunately, if these funds are not sent in the right direction, they will simply disappear. Therefore, you must go to the tax branch and follow the necessary instructions.

Can I not receive this letter?

Letters with the return address of PKU Tax-Service must be received in any case. If you ignore such correspondence, you will miss the opportunity to respond in time to the content of this letter. For example, if the envelope contains information that the tax service has appealed to the court, you will be able to settle your affairs in time and not bring to extreme measures by representatives of the tax services.

Post sorting centers

Sometimes letters come with designations from other cities that are different from the place of destination. For example, a resident of St. Petersburg receives a letter with the designation DTI Sharapovo or St. Petersburg-DTI, the first of which is located in the Moscow region. You may also receive letters with the following marks: Podolsk DTI , Krasnoyarsk 75 and Stolibische 42031 . This is due to the law, which was adopted in 2012. It refers to the termination of the distribution of letters to taxpayers by local tax authorities. Now certain bodies are engaged in this, and the letters are rather quickly sent to the addressee through special sorting centers.

Each letter or parcel that passes a particular center is indicated by a special virtual address or technological index, to which the city is complemented, where the letter was sorted. Sometimes in a separate notification block the logo of the specific service that sent you a letter is indicated. And also about the territorial body in which the taxpayer is registered. At this address, citizens can ask for more information on their questions.

Здание Федеральной Налоговой Службы
Federal Tax Service Building

Details of benefits and rates

For information about rates and benefits for each case, citizens can contact a special section on the official website of the tax service. Here you will find a special form where you need to specify the type of tax: transport, land, on the property of an individual or property of organizations. At the same time, an electronic map should be displayed on which you can choose your region to fill out the form. If the map is not displayed, then Adobe Flash Player is not installed in your browser or simply turned off in the browser settings.

Below you must select the tax period for which you want to calculate the amount. And at the end choose the necessary subject of the Russian Federation. Here on the site you can find all the information about the tax service, its branches, services and services.

If you need to contact representatives of the service, select the "Contacts and appeals" section. There you can find not only the addresses and payment details of the inspections, but also after the letter came from the PKU Nalog-Service mail, and you read it, make an appointment with the inspection.

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