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HDTVRip what kind of quality

On the Internet you can find movies with different quality. There are a lot of them and it is almost impossible to understand what they mean to an unsophisticated person. To determine what this or that quality means, we often have to turn to the network for an answer. In this article we will talk about HDTVRip. What is this quality and what properties it differs from others.

The content of the article:

What is HDTVRip intended for?

. First you need to determine what Rip .

Ripping is the extraction of data from any medium (video or audio) into a digital file. Most often, CDs and tape cassettes are taken as the source and streaming is already in our time. The main purpose of ripping is to transfer from video / audio storage sources to a more cross-platform format, that is, to a file. Often when transferring data, a digital file is significantly reduced in size.

, имеет тоже собственную формулировку. A separate part of the quality name - HDTV , also has its own wording. This is the abbreviation of high definition television. In Russian sources it is called HDTV.

обозначает создание цифрового файла из фильма, который транслируется по телевидению с высоким разрешением (HDTV). Together, the quality name HDTVRip refers to the creation of a digital file from a movie that is broadcast on high definition television (HDTV). Most often the resolution of such a video is 1280 × 720, 1920 × 1080. Rarely, but still there are HDTVRip with the original resolution. HDTVRip quality is usually better than DVDRip.

Under HDTVRip quality can be ripped with HDDVDRip or BDRip. If you find a movie in HDTVRip on torrents and other sources, then the description includes the notation 1280p, 1080p, 1080i, 720p. In this quality, you can often see TV shows that are broadcast on HDTV. If this ripping was created in accordance with all the rules, then HDTVRip is considered one of the best ripps in quality. I hope you understand what kind of HDTVRip quality movies are.

Other HDTVRip Features

Experienced in this matter, users know that some new movie should be searched on the Internet not earlier than 4 weeks after the premiere. If you want to find a movie in HDTVRip, then before 3.5 months after its premiere, you can not begin the search. Such is the feature of the appearance of films on the Internet in a worthwhile quality.

It is also interesting that movies in uncompressed state in HDTVRip can reach a size of 25 gigabytes. In the compressed video 1 movie "weighs" about 1.5 GB. It is also important that, despite the development of Internet technologies, watching videos online often loses the quality of movie files even in DVDRip. Therefore, if you are interested in an elegant picture of your favorite TV series, it is better to upload files with HDTVRip quality, DVDRip quality or WEBRip gaining popularity (for more information about the format on Lifehacks ).

Features of other video quality formats

If you don’t want to see heads at the bottom of the screen, creaking sounds or noises, such as public laughter, after downloading a movie from the Internet, you need to know and distinguish other formats. Consider the most popular ones.

  • — об этом качестве уже упомянуто в начала этого раздела. CAMRip - this quality is already mentioned at the beginning of this section. When watching a movie in CAMRip, you will see glittering silhouettes on the screen. These people most likely came out of need when watching a movie in a movie theater. It is created using any camera right in the hall in the session;

    Видео в CAMRip
    CAMRip Video
  • — качество лучше, чем CAMRip. TS (Telesync) - better quality than CAMRip. But the process of recording with him is similar. In an empty cinema the camera is installed at right angles to a special tripod. The sound is also better, because recording is often done using a cable directly from the projector;
  • — риппинг, часто из оригинального компакт-диска. DVDRip - ripping, often from the original CD. It is compressed in MPEG4 so that the size becomes much smaller. If the recording was made by a professional ripper, the film or video is very good. Often, similar products are designated SuperDVD, HQ DVD;
  • — видеозапись производится из сигнала кабельного телевидения, аналогового ТВ-сигнала. TV-Rip - video is produced from a cable television signal, an analog TV signal. Many TV shows can be found in this format. Video quality depends on many factors: the skills of the ripper, software, equipment and others;
  • — видео записывается со спутникового сигнала, качество может также зависеть от разных факторов. SAT-Rip - video is recorded from a satellite signal, quality may also depend on various factors. As in TV-Rip, there may be a logo of some TV channel from which the recording was made. Often the quality is almost as good as DVDRip;

    Логотип телеканала
    TV channel logo on video
  • — риппинг из дисков Blu-Ray. BD-Rip - ripping from Blu-Ray discs. Files are characterized by a large file size. Many quality videos are much better than DVDRip;
  • — отличное качество видео. HD-DVDRip - great video quality. Approximately equal to HDTVRip. Due to the fact that he lost the war to a different format (Blu-Ray), they rarely come across on the Internet.

To find a movie on the Internet with good quality and not get to the terrible, it is enough to know this list. In fact, there are much more such quality formats than in our list. All of them can not be remembered, and there is nothing. Often they point to the same video extraction methods with minor variations and properties. The most important thing we learned is that HDTVRip is of good quality and is on the list of the best.

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