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IML Express what is shipping with Aliexpress

The Chinese online store AliExpress has a new Russian partner. The Chinese company has signed an agreement with IML. This is a service of express delivery of goods, which consists of the Alibaba Group holding. The service provides store users with an expedited delivery of their goods. In this article we will analyze in detail what kind of delivery with Aliexpress IML Express.

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What is IML Express?

The IML company appeared in 2007. She immediately took the direction to popular online stores that did not have the ability to deliver goods. Together with the development of network marketing, the ILM logistics service also developed. In a few years, the company could provide higher quality services. In just 3 days any parcel reached the recipient in more than 1000 cities of Russia. One of its advantages is a developed network of service departments. Since 2015, the service delivers parcels to Belarus. IML Express provides services to both individuals and legal. She works with business mail, delivery at specialized points, complete files and other things.

IML Express delivers about 3% of packages from chain stores throughout Russia. It has the maximum percentage of successful deliveries among such companies - 98%. Logistics service is working closely with similar companies in China. After taking the goods at the border, it is successfully delivered to the recipient's address. IML guarantee the delivery of goods within ten days from the time when he will be on the territory of Russia. On average, delivery of goods from China using ILM Express takes 15 days. In some complicated situations, the product may be delayed for a period of 45 days. I hope you understand that this delivery is IML Express.

How to track the delivery of this company

If you ordered goods on AliExpress and your package will be delivered using IML, you can track it on . For this you need a track code. It can be found on AliExpress in your account.

  1. Log in to your account and open the "My Orders" section.
  2. In the list of your ordered goods, select the one you need and click “View data” opposite the parcel.
  3. In the next window, find the track code below. It needs to be copied.

    Track number on AliExpress website

Next, go to the site IML and enter it in the first field "Barcode" enter your track number.

Поле для ввода трэк-номера
Field to enter track numbers on

Below enter the captcha or verification code, which is located on the right and click "Search". In the next window you will receive the necessary information in the form of the status of your package.

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ILM Express statuses

Many users do not know, not only what the delivery method of IML Express is, but also its status. If you want to track delivery with Aliexpress through IML Express services, then you will need to know the statuses for this service. When you enter the track number on the IML site, in the next window there will be information about the stay of the package. Consider what these statuses mean.

  1. Pickup mail - status means that your package is at the post office and you can pick it up. For obtaining you need a passport and a track code.
  2. Transit - this status appears when moving from one destination to another and means that the package is already on its way to you.
  3. The order is awaiting the receipt of the goods - your goods are still in the AliExpress warehouse. The status indicates that the Chinese delivery service has not yet received the goods. As soon as the goods are packaged, the delivery service will receive it and be able to send it to the border point for further transit.
  4. Customs of Russia - the package is already at the customs of Russia. Usually parcels go through customs control for one day. This means that it remains to wait for the goods for about 10 days.

    Таможенный пункт
    customs post
  5. Expected in the sender's region - the status indicates that the seller issued an application to IML for the consignment, but the goods have not yet been transferred to the logistics services. When he does this, another item will appear in the tracking - “at the Moscow warehouse”.

If the parcel is expected from China, then the last status may not be changed until the order crosses the Russian border.

Checkout delivery service delivery

If you are a seller and you need to create a request for IML services, then you can use a special calculator on the site to calculate the cost of delivery from your location to the buyer’s city. To do this, go to the main page of the company and select the section "Cost calculation" at the top.

Расчет стоимости доставки
The calculation of the cost of delivery on

Here you can choose for whom the delivery will be calculated - a legal entity or an individual. Include a detailed calculation so that the payment amount is as appropriate as possible for your case. This can be done at the top under the first block of the calculator. Select the required delivery options - enter the starting and ending points in the appropriate boxes, payment options for delivery and other information. You can also find out the delivery time. When all items are filled, enter the captcha and click "Calculate". Here on the site IML Express you can find information on delivery with Aliexpress.

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