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Users of the Internet, mobile communications and other similar services are often met by the little-known name of the company - MTT OJSC. What kind of organization it is and what it offers - you will learn about it from this article. You will also be able to read in detail the user feedback on the quality of the services provided and other details on the topic. (Further…)

HDTVRip what kind of quality

On the Internet you can find movies with different quality. There are a lot of them and it is almost impossible to understand what they mean to an unsophisticated person. To determine what this or that quality means, we often have to turn to the network for an answer. In this article we will talk about HDTVRip. What is this quality and what properties it differs from others. (Further…)

2317 what's the number?

All subscribers periodically use services from mobile operators. Services can be as basic offered by a standard set of tariff package. So extra, which users can connect at their discretion. Usually, they are connected using short numbers. In this article we will look more closely at what number 2317 is. (Further…)

How to see how much time spent on Instagram

Social networks often update the web interface and functions for a more comfortable hanging out of users on their pages. The owners of Instagram and Facebook have introduced a new feature that allows you to show the time spent in the network of a particular user. In this article you can read about how you can see how much time you spent on Instagram. (Further…)

Sorting Center Moscow 111974 address

Although ordinary letters are rare these days, people sometimes receive notices of registered letters, in the sender's line of which only the data assigned by the sorting centers appear. The question arises, where exactly are these centers located, if there is an opportunity to contact them? In this article you will find the address of one such sorting center in Moscow with the index 111974.

Статус отправления
Departure status


What a site

Who is the most popular user in the social network VKontakte? To find out, you need to do a lot of work on your page, make calculations for subscribers, visits and much more. But it turns out there are sites that can provide you with a list of users. Whose pages are most popular without preliminary calculations on their own. Today we will look at what is and find out how to work with it. (Further…)

4446 what's the number - how to disable?

Mobile device users often encounter various paid services from the operator and short numbers by which these services are connected and disconnected. Services can be from the operator as well as from its partners. At the same time, the connection diagrams of additional features in the phone are not always transparent. In this article you will receive an answer to question 4446 - what is this number and how to turn it off. (Further…)