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How on Ozone to pay bonuses "THANKS"

From this article you will learn how to pay with bonuses "THANKS" on Ozone. Sberbank has a lot of partners. One of them is the online store On this site, users can buy everything from food to books and DVDs. Today, partners maximally interact with each other. In such a close community, new ideas are born to attract customers to their market. Sberbank offers its customers special bonuses that they can spend in supermarkets, travel agencies, entertainment sites and now on

The content of the article:

How bonuses are credited "THANKS" on

In addition to receiving bonuses Thanks from the program in the Sberbank system, users can receive these bonuses on the site If you are a member of this program, then the site returns you up to three percent of the goods purchased from them with THANKS bonuses. The percentage is calculated from the amount of goods in rubles and has no restrictions. с момента, когда купленный товар на сайте перейдет в статус « Выполнено ». When buying a product, the bonus is credited after 14 days from the moment when the purchased product on the website becomes “ Completed ”.

In the case of payment of the goods in the amount of more than 1 thousand rubles, 3% (maximum amount) of “THANKS” bonuses are credited to your bonus account. If the amount is less, you get 1%. Purchases can be made on all sections of the Ozone store, with the exception of antiques, antiques, the section, as well as roll paper and drawing supplies.

How to become a member of the program "THANKS" from Sberbank?

The bonus program "THANKS" is available to every cardholder from Sberbank. To register in the program, you must go through a simple authorization process. For those who are not affiliated with the bank, bonuses are not available even at There are many ways to register. You can do this with an ATM from which you withdraw money. To do this, log into the ATM system using your password, select the special section “Bonus programs”.

After that, the system will request your mobile phone number. After entering the digits of the number, confirm it. In the message you should receive a notification about the successful registration. You can use the service "Sberbank Online". Sign in with your details. In the menu on the right you need to find the block “Thank you from Sberbank”. Next you will be prompted to enter your phone. A confirmation code will be sent to your number, it must be entered in the appropriate field.

You can register in the program Thank you simply by typing in the SMS-message with the text “THANKS”, and using the space, type the last four digits of your card. It should be sent to the number 900. In response, you will receive an SMS, which will be a code of 5 characters. Send it back and you become a member.

Способы регистрации в бонусной программе
Ways to register in the bonus program Thank you

How to pay for goods with bonuses Thanks on

Select a product in the online store Ozon and, having gone to payment, specify the method “Sberbank Thank you”. Next you need to specify:

  • your mobile phone number;
  • shipping and address;
  • the name and surname of the buyer;
  • A comment is not required.

It is important to enter this data carefully. Once you confirm the actions, changing them will not work. On this site, the calculation of bonuses is the system Assist. After that you will be taken to a page where you will need to re-enter your personal data and card number. It will be necessary to fill in the following fields:

  • your card details. It is necessary to indicate the type of payment system, CVV code, its expiration date. Other data do not need to specify (pin, etc.);

    Ввод данных карты Сбербанка
    Entering Sberbank card data in the Assist system
  • specify the required number of bonuses Thank you;
  • after that you will be redirected to the confirmation page, here you need to specify the method - SMS message or your e-mail address;
  • if you have chosen confirmation by SMS, you will receive a code that you need to enter in the field. The amount of bonuses that you have specified will be displayed here;
  • when the transaction is successfully completed, you will receive an electronic check, where there will be payment data and other information.

    Система расчета бонусами
    Bonus Assist calculation system

It is necessary to take into account some points: you can pay no more than 70 percent of the purchase amount on the website with bonuses “THANKS”. Sberbank will also withdraw funds from your bank account in the amount of 20 rubles. This is the minimum percentage required to complete a purchase.

Accumulation of points Thank you

In order to start collecting bonuses Thanks on Ozone, each client needs to make a purchase using his card. After that, points from other purchases, including from other services, will be credited to your account. In addition, the program extends to other services. You can receive bonuses, paying for goods on such popular services as Farmani, Letual, Burger Kings and many others. You can advise users to closely monitor such services to be aware of the best deals with bonuses. When the required amount has accumulated, you can again pay for the goods on Ozone with bonuses. Thank you from Sberbank.

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