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How to get VK stickers for free

VK Stickers is an enhanced version of emoticons. These images were originally supposed to show certain emotions, but now among them are many and just beautiful pictures with animals, movie characters, or famous people. Like my friends, I have been looking for the opportunity to get VKontakte stickers for free, and in this article I will share my findings.

Общая картинка стикеров ВКонтакте
General picture of VKontakte stickers

The content of the article:

Activate Free Stickers

VKontakte offers its visitors a lot of free stickers, but they must be activated before use.

  1. To get free stickers in VK, you need to go to the emoticons menu and select the Sticker Shop item;

    Магазин стикеров
    Sticker Shop
  2. Now you need to go to the tab “Free” and add your favorite stickers;

    Вкладка Бесплатные
    Free tab
  3. You can also search for suitable kits in the "New" section;
  4. If everything is done correctly, the status will change to “Added”;
  5. If there are errors, you must re-enter the page or use another browser.

Stickers should appear in the appropriate tab of the emoticon menu, if this does not happen, then you need to update all pages (Shift + F5). In the presence of a large number of installed stickers, you may need to scroll through the menu using the arrows. Do not be afraid to add stickers, if any sets become redundant, then there is always the possibility to remove them in the “My Stickers” tab.

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Installing extensions with free browser stickers

This way of sharing free stickers on the PC is a great addition to the standard VKontakte functionality.

  • There are a lot of extensions, but the most popular of them is EmojiPlus, it is available for Chrome and Firefox .

    Расширение EmojiPlus
    EmojiPlus extension
  • For Opera and Yandex Browser, you can use Stickie .

Each plugin has its own set of stickers, so it is impossible to unambiguously determine the best one of them, it depends on the tastes and needs of a particular user.

Downloading extensions is necessary only from official stores, otherwise it is possible that they contain viruses. The installation process differs depending on the browser, for example, for Chrome you need:

  1. Click the "Install" button;

    Устанавливаем EmojiPlus
    Install EmojiPlus
  2. Confirm your decision.

After installing the add-on, you may need to restart the browser. New stickers received without money will appear in the emoticon menu, their use fully coincides with the built-in stickers of the social network. If the extension does not work correctly, then you should disable conflicting plug-ins (if any) and update the browser to the latest version.

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Online services to get stickers VK

Stickers from this category are convenient because you can use them right away, you don’t need to download anything and register anywhere. As an example, we give the service JoySmile . The site contains a huge number of original stickers, and its collection continues to grow. At the bottom of the main page there is a detailed instruction for sending a sticker, which is necessary for all newcomers to read. Unfortunately, to customize the site interface for personal needs will not work.

The main disadvantage of the service is the absence of many popular images, so you will also have to use a standard set of stickers from VK. Developers are constantly improving the project, which means that visiting the site will definitely not be superfluous, for sure something new has appeared.

The most convenient way to use the service is on a PC; theoretically, it is also suitable for mobile devices, but in practice this is inconvenient and only suitable in extreme cases.

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Mobile applications with stickers

With the help of applications, it is easiest to exchange stickers on smartphones and tablets. The main advantage of special programs is the wide functionality and availability of customization features, which browser extensions and most sites cannot boast. Before using the applications, you must make sure that the official VK client is installed on the smartphone, this is required for authorization.

Расширение "Набор стикеров для ВКонтакте"
Extension “Sticker Set for VKontakte”

As an example for the Android OS, you can take Sticker Packs for VKontakte . The advantages of the application include complete free of charge, the Russian-language interface, the presence of sorting by category, the ability to search by name and a list of the most recently sent stickers. You can change the set yourself: hide unused sections and turn your own photos into stickers. The disadvantage is the presence of advertising.

It should be noted that in early versions of the VK mobile client, the sticker on the recipient side can be displayed as a picture. In this case, you will need to update the application to the current version.


It is not recommended to use obscure applications to get VC stickers created a few days ago, even if they are in the official store. Otherwise, there is a risk of account theft or spamming on your behalf. The Play Market and App Store moderators try to block fraudulent programs and prevent them from being distributed in other ways, but it’s impossible to fully guarantee the security of each application.

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