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How to find out who viewed records, photos, wall in VK

VKontakte and Odnoklassniki are the two largest social networks in RuNet. They have a lot of differences. In addition to the functional features, assembly principles, capacity and number of servers on which different web elements and pages are located, these sites have differences in ideas regarding the privacy of users. And if in Odnoklassniki the opportunity to recognize the guests who viewed the recordings, photos and visited the page was implemented (for this, a special section “Guests” is even provided), then VK does not have this function.

This is also officially announced by the support service of this social network: “There is no VKontakte and there has never been an opportunity to watch visitors to the page.”

In addition, support warns that you should not trust third-party software, since such programs will not show who watched the recordings, the wall or photos and, most likely, steal the user's personal data. However, safe and guaranteed methods of viewing visitors to the page still exist. They are based both on working with specialized VK applications and on methods that use the built-in capabilities of this social network. More about them below. There are many applications that promise to show visitors to your page, but all of them are usually useless. The frame highlights one of the really working applications, which we will consider in the article.

Приложение "Мои гости" ВКонтакте
The application "My guests" VKontakte

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The content of the article:

Methods for viewing visitors to the VK page

So, there are the following methods, with the help of which you can track the guests who viewed the records and the wall of the VK page:

  • Creating a "trap for guests", implemented through a special link. This can be done in the popular applications "My guests" and "SearchVS: Ratings, PR, Guests and Analysis of likes";
  • Using the built-in section “Page Statistics”, where you cannot track specific users who visited the profile, but you can find out the region, gender, age of the guest, as well as the period in which he visited the page.

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Using the application "SearchVS: Ratings, PR, Guests and Like Analysis"

As discussed above, with the help of this application we can create a so-called “guest trap”, disguised as an ordinary link to one of the list of sites offered by the application.

To use this method, you should:

  1. Go to the application itself by the link - ;
  2. After the start of SearchVS is completed, a window for working with this application will open, in which, besides the function we need, there are other useful features. For example, here you can earn votes without attachments or get ratings for a photo (rating is the application’s alternative to VKontakte), you can also track the statistics of a page that has been deleted or has not visited its friends page for a long time.

    Различные полезные функции приложения "ПоискВС..."
    Various useful features of the application "SearchVS ..."

With the help of arrows and frames, the elements responsible for the possibilities listed above are shown. As you can see, this application has enough useful functions.

  1. We need the section "Guests of your page", located under the block "Removed friends" - click on the tab "How to catch guests?";
  2. A window opens with a description of this function and a form for inserting a link - enter the page address of one of the sites listed from the list of supported ones and click "Get link";

    Окно создания и получения ссылки приложения "ПоискВС..." ВКонтакте
    Register here a link to one of the sites listed in the list of possible and click on the button "Get link"
  3. As a result, a trap link is generated, which we can add to the wall as a post or place it in the “Personal site” column - to do this, click on the appropriate tab.
Окно добавления ссылки-ловушки в графу "Личный сайт" или на стену ВКонтакте
Add trap link window. To place it in the column "Personal site" click on the tab "Edit personal site", to add links to the stack click on "Send a trap to the wall"

Done, now any user (regardless of whether you have him as a friend or not) who made the transition to the link you specified is automatically added to the guest list of your page.

Get to know the guests who viewed your notes and the wall with My Guests

Another application that allows users to find out who watched your photos, viewed records and the wall. It should be noted another useful feature "Guest Scanner", allowing you to find out who liked, commented on the post or subscribed to profile updates, even if you are not online. So, to create a trap you need:

  1. Click on the tab “Catch more guests”;
  2. A window opens in which the already-ready trap link is located. For convenience, right below it is the “Copy Link” button, there is also a small instruction on how to add it to the “Personal Website” column and the “Place” button, which allows you to make a link in the form of a post on the wall.
Генерация и добавление ссылки-ловушки в приложении "Мои гости" ВКонтакте
Here, to copy the trap link, click on the “Copy link” tab, in order to lay it on the wall, activate the “Place” tab to add it to the “Personal site” column, follow the instructions shown in the picture on the right.

Unfortunately, the application is more its popularization, because even links-traps are not disguised as any sites, but directly lead to "My guests". So any user more or less familiar with the elements of VKontakte may be suspicious of a dirty trick when he sees this address. However, most people are not aware of the existence of such traps, so this solution can be very effective. Go to the last method.

Using the page statistics function built into VK

As it was said, this method will not show who viewed the VKontakte entries, but he can tell you about the field, age, location of the guest and the intensity of his profile visit. In addition, to use this opportunity, the number of subscribers of your page should exceed the mark of 100 people. If your account meets this requirement, we can proceed to the consideration of the decision itself:

So, to view statistics of a profile visit, you need:

  1. Go to this link -*********, place the asterisks, insert the number of your page, which you can find out from the link to your profile (the page number is indicated after the "id" );
  2. A window opens with statistics of visits to your page, where in the corresponding blocks you can find out the gender / age / location of the guest, as well as the period he visits your page.
Окно статистики просмотров и посещения страницы ВКонтакте
In this window, we can find out the gender / age / location of the guest and the intensity of visits to your profile by him, all of which is located in the corresponding blocks of this page.


We considered all possible ways of tracking the guests of the VKontakte page. Once again it is worth making a reservation - in no case should you trust third-party software that promises to provide you with visiting statistics. As a rule, under the guise of such programs lie ordinary trojans, stealing your personal data. Thanks for reading, I hope the listed ways to view profile visitors will help you solve this problem.

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