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How to turn on the computer without the power button

What to do if the power button of the computer broke? Surely many users will be at a loss how to turn on the computer without the power button. The motherboard is not only the basis for "hanging" computer components, but also a means of communication between the modules. It also contains some very important details in itself, such as the BIOS - an add-on over the entire operating system and physical means, a battery that serves as power for the CMOS memory in a computer and much more. Not every user knows all the functions and capabilities of the modules and the motherboard.

Включить компьютер при помощи контактов на материнской плате
Turn on the computer using the contacts on the motherboard

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Turn on the computer without the power button

The Power button is usually made of plastic, inside the basic structure that supports it is also made of plastic. Often the emphasis in this design can break from a strong depression, so we will not be able to turn on the computer in the usual way, with the power button. But there are several options to do this without a special button, although not so convenient.

To do this, you need to open the inspection cover of your system unit.

  • To do this, place it on a flat surface and unscrew the screws on the back.
  • Contacts that are responsible for starting and restarting the computer are usually located at the bottom of the motherboard. To verify that these are the contacts that we need, you can track the wires where they lead. If the front panel in the area of ​​the power button, then this is exactly what we need.

    Контакты на материнской плате
    Contacts on the motherboard
  • If you did not find the contacts below, then open your documentation on the motherboard and read it. Different manufacturers may place contacts on the map in different ways. If there is no documentation, then contact the official website of the motherboard manufacturer for assistance. The manufacturer is written on the card itself, usually in the middle or closer to the cooler with a microprocessor.

    Контакты питания на материнской плате
    Power contacts on the motherboard
  • If you find contacts responsible for turning on the computer, they must be closed. This can be done with any metal object, such as a screwdriver.

The first time, until you decide to take the system unit to repair, you can use this method. You can also rearrange the buttons or contacts, if it allows to make the shape and location of the case.

Turn on the PC with the mouse or keyboard

Surely almost no one knows that the computer can be run directly from the keyboard (without the “Power” key on it) or a computer mouse. To do this, go to the BIOS by pressing and holding the necessary button, which depends on the BIOS version. This is usually the DEL key.

  1. In the window that opens, we need the “Power Management Setup” section.
  2. Now find the item "Power on by PS2", where you need to specify the method of starting the computer.
  3. To select a specific key to power on the computer, find the “Any key” item.
  4. Further, in order to save the parameters that you set, press F10 and confirm the output with saving the settings.
  5. Now you can experience the specified key on the keyboard.

This way of turning on the computer without the Power button seems very convenient. To prevent the computer from being accidentally turned on, for example, if there are small children in the house who are everywhere, you can set several keys to turn on. In this case, instead of the “Any key” item, find the “Hot key” and then at the bottom of the monitor you will see “Ctrl-F1”. Click on it and you can set your own keys to turn on the computer.

Пункт BIOS "Power on by mouse"
BIOS item "Power on by mouse"

To turn on the computer by clicking on one of the buttons on the mouse, go to “Power on by mouse” and click the right or left button to set it with the button to turn on the power.

Check for power supply of the computer

Sometimes the power button of the PC may not work because of a non-working power supply that provides all the components of the computer with power.

To check the performance of the power supply, follow these steps:

  • It is necessary to disconnect all the wires that come out of the power supply: from the video card, hard drives, motherboard, etc. 24 контактный коннектор питания материнской платы
  • The next step is to close the 2 wires on the widest bundle of wires that fit the motherboard. This wire is the power supply of the motherboard. It is necessary to close green with any wire. You can also do this with any metal objects, even a paper clip will do. Замыкание контактов скрепкой
  • If everything is on, the power supply is in a 220 volt network, the power supply itself is also connected on the rear panel, the contacts in the connector are connected correctly, as in the picture, and the power supply itself did not work (the fan should start), then in this case it is possible to say your power supply is not working. In another case, if you notice that the fans have earned - it means that everything is in order with the power supply unit. The cause of the fault should be found elsewhere.

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