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How to freeze page in VK

Much in our life may bother us. This is especially true of social networks (in particular, "Vkontakte"), in which we spend many hours of our precious time. One fine (or not so) day we decide that we need to take a break and freeze our VK page for a while. In this article I will tell you how to freeze the page in the VC, what methods will help us in this, and also explain what methods exist for freezing someone else's page on Vkontakte.

Замораживаем профиль в ВК
Freeze profile in VK

The content of the article:

We define terminology in a social network.

Before you begin your story about how to temporarily freeze your VK page, you need to decide on the terminology. It is important to distinguish between “deleting a page” and a temporary “page freeze”, because there is a significant difference between these concepts.

Deleting a page is usually done on its own; after removing your page, you can restore it (usually, for several months from the date of deletion).

Freezing the pages is usually not carried out by the user, but by the VK robot (or the social network administration) as a punishment for some prohibited activity on the resource (sending spam, viruses, placing forbidden materials on its page or pages of users, etc.).

Therefore, if you want to delete your page, delete it (go to “Settings” of your account, and click on the inscription “You can delete your page” below).

Удаление своего аккаунта Вконтакте
Deleting your Vkontakte account

If you want to freeze your page, then you will have to be in the role of a spammer or an attacker until resource robots or administration (or even other users) catch you in this.

If you wish to hide your friends Vkontakte instructions on the link.

How to freeze your page in Vkontakte

The following actions can cause the freezing of your VK page:

  • Spamming (on the wall of the pages of users or groups, through messages and so on);
  • Cheat likes and followers;
  • Posting prohibited materials (calls for violence, pornography, links to prohibited resources, and so on);
  • Hyperactivity of the user (mass mailing of add-ons to friends, a huge number of likes for a short period of time, etc.);
  • Direct complaints from other users to information posted on your page, your behavior and so on.

It is important to keep in mind that if your page is frozen, then the first time you will be able to defrost it quickly enough (in a few hours). Each subsequent defrost will occur all later, reaching, in the end, a period of six months or a year. Well, your final freeze will be, accordingly, indefinite.

Временно недоступная страница в VK
Temporarily unavailable page in VK

или , и уже через малое время ваша страница будет заморожена. To freeze your account, it will be enough to place on your wall several times an advertisement with a proposal to go to a site of or , and within a short time your page will be frozen. At the same time, I warn you once again that it may take some time for the page to be defrosted (some users even had to create new pages). Therefore, if you are not sure, then it is better not to “play” with such things (if you place these links on other people's pages, they will be banned for them).

Процесс блокирования аккаунта ВК администрацией
The process of blocking the account VK administration

How to freeze someone else's page in VC forever

Well, now consider the question of how to freeze the page Vkontakte another person, while, if possible, forever. The latter may be due to some kind of personal dislikes and other emotional things that the user gives free rein.

Immediately, I note that forever freezing the page of any person will be quite difficult. You can freeze his page for a while, then, after defrosting it, freeze it again, and so, repeating the freezing time after time, you can freeze its page for a long term (half a year or a year), and only then forever.

The main tool for this will be your site administration complaint to the user’s page with a specific explanation of the reason. To do this, go to the user’s page, click on the button with three dots below its main avatar, and select the “Report to page” option.

Выбираем Пожаловаться на страницу
Choose Report page

A window will open in which you will be asked to indicate the reason for freezing the page (pornography, sending spam, abusive behavior, etc.), and also describe in your own words what you see as breaking the VK rules by this user. After entering the specified information, click on "Send" and wait for the decision of the administration. It is likely that after a short time the page of the specified user will be frozen.

Отправляем жалобу на пользователя
We send a complaint to the user

Also in the freezing of other pages can help you special group "Vkontakte" (for example, this one ), users of which can create numerous complaints about the user you need, which will significantly increase the likelihood of freezing his account.


In the question of how to freeze the page in the VC, you need, first of all, to see the difference between the concepts of "page deletion" and "page freezing". The latter is carried out by the site administration (or the automatic system), blocking a user account for a period of time for activities prohibited on the resource. If you want to freeze the page of another person, then you need to send a complaint about his behavior or materials to the VC administration, then, quite likely, this user's page will be blocked.

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