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Cheats for Nescafe 3 in 1 Stickers

The Nescafe company holds a promotion in its official VKontakte group. Under the terms of this promotion, a special bot will work for 4 months (until February 28, 2018), you can still get a unique and one-time code for getting free Nescafe 3 in 1 stickers.

Страница Nescafe в ВК
Nescafe page in VK

The content of the article:

Terms of promotion Nescafe

Anyone who wants to use the VKontakte social network can visit the group and become members of the “Code for stickers inside Nescafe 3 in 1”. The company carries out this action in the territories of 3 countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Under the terms of the promotion, it is necessary to fulfill 3 mandatory conditions, namely:

  • go to the official page;
  • write a message "hello";
  • select a unit, enter it and wait for the response message - “Drive! ..”.

In order to get a free sticker, you must provide a promotional code, which can be obtained from the Nescafe 3 in 1 package. To do this, you need to purchase a special sticker with a VK icon.

Logo on sticks
Vkontakte logo on sticks Neskafe

On the package you will find a special code consisting of 12 digits, which you need to provide the bot on the Nescafe page. After you enter the code in the message, the bot will inform you about the results of the authenticity of this code. If you enter the wrong code, you will see a message - “Pff, hello, this is not our unique code from a pack of Nescafe coffee”, if the code is valid - “Do you know a lot about promotional codes, two (four) new Nescafe stickers?” .

At the same time, it is impossible to enter invented promo codes that were previously used by other participants of the action. Incorrectly entered and codes that were registered earlier on October 3, 2017 or later on February 28, 2018.

The first participant’s promotional code gives 4 free coffee stickers, all subsequent ones - 2. If a participant has bought a sticker with a repeated code, a code that he already has (had), then he has the right to exchange it in a special application https: // vk .com / app6158779_-25901021 , which is called the "Changeer".

All codes for Nescafe stickers 3 in 1

Yet in some sources, you can find codes from coffee packs, which you can enter on the page and get free coffee for the promotion. These codes can often leave enthusiasts who do not like Nescafe, and maybe coffee in general. Codes:

  • 37drr65d8a2f;
  • 37drxqfdd2e5;
  • 37drrmfa40de;
  • 37drqvb6f45c.

If you enter 5 consecutive wrong code options or 5 times in a row to make a mistake in entering the message to the bot, then he generously reports “Entered the wrong 5 codes? Come back one hour later, and I will forgive everything. ”

Frequently Asked Questions about Nescafe 3 in 1

On the promotion page there are frequently asked questions that are associated with various unpleasant moments associated with the shares, for example:

  • What if the bot issued a sticker, but did not notify about it? - You must provide a screen correspondence and your own set of stickers;
  • The bot does not give out the last few coffee stickers - send correspondence screenshots with the robot, as well as missing stickers;
  • The bot does not accept the entered code - you need to send the correspondence to the technical support group.

Another contest from Nescafe

On the page in honor of the release of the updated Nescafe stickers there is a contest in which you can win 63 rubles and spend on anything. Here are the mandatory conditions for the competition:

  • make a repost of the Nescafe page;
  • be a group subscriber;
  • put notifications about the records in the group and provide a screenshot in the comments;
  • write a message in the group with the word "cos".

The results of this competition will be known on March 10, 2018. To put notifications about entries on this page, select the button with three dots, near the blue button "Join a group" on the page banner.

Кнопка на странице Нескафе
Button to display Nescafe page entries

Then click on “Notify me of entries.”

Уведомлять о записях
Item "Notify on entries"

Now the news and messages of the group will appear on your wall.

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