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Thanks to the development of technology and the subsequent spread of the Internet, companies have a wide field for their brand development activities. In the conditions of tough competition, which is observed in all segments of the market, it is worth paying attention to the nuances. And creating your own memorable logo with the help of a service designer is one of the priorities that a young company has to decide.

Разделение логотипов известных компаний по цвету
Dividing logos of famous companies by color

In the case of successful companies, everything is clear - they simply hire professional designers to create a beautiful trademark of the organization, but this approach is unacceptable for start-up businesses. In this regard, it is useful to know that there are quite a few resources in the network that provide a free online logo designer that will allow you to individualize your business, while minimizing spending. The most relevant options for review will be discussed further.

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Logaster - created logo will distinguish you with corporate identity

Constructor Logaster is one of the options for creating your own logo online for free. It is characterized by a fairly friendly interface, even for a beginner. At the client’s service, Logaster is given the opportunity to select a specific theme for the design of their future logo, to attach a slogan, and to rank the company by field of activity, which simplifies the task of selection.

Конструктор логотипов онлайн
Home Logo Designer

Following the link , the client enters the main menu, where you need to enter the name of your company, specify the type of activity, and optionally, you can add a slogan. These data will reduce the search for possible options from dozens of ready-made sketches. After confirming the specific logo, you need to go through a simple registration and the option will be saved.

Первый набор инструментов конструктора
Sample Constructor Tools

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Cooltext - online logo designer

Getting on this designer to create a unique logo, the user immediately has the opportunity to choose their favorite design option. Here are a lot of samples that differ both in font and in the overall style of the image. After that, you can enter the company name, slogan and other required attributes.

Образцы стилей оформления
Home Logo Designer

You can get to the resource at , where you can create your own logo and download it in a few minutes in a convenient and understandable manner.

Among the shortcomings of the Cooltext service can be noted the lack of Russification, which is leveled by possessing at least basic knowledge of the English language.

DesignMantic - you are the designer of your company

On this resource there is not only the designer of beautiful logos, but also the editor of the design of websites, business cards, invitation letters and other similar products. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the possibility of switching to Russian, as well as a well-designed and clear navigation menu.

Онлайн-конструктор логотипов
Home Logo Designer
  1. Going to , the client enters the main menu of the designer, where it is necessary to perform a number of initial and mandatory actions.
  2. The choice of the overall color tone of the future logo, text font, the location of the image on a general background, etc.
  3. After that, you will be asked to go through a simple registration, after which the downloading of the logo will become available.
Первая страница инструментов
Designer Toolkit

DesignMantic is a very convenient and easy-to-learn service with wide functionality. A separate feature of the resource is that after creating the main logo, the program will automatically offer a choice of several design options for business cards in a single style, which will greatly simplify the further task, because sooner or later you will have to attend to this issue.

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Online LogoMaker

Another English-language resource Online LogoMaker (with the ability to switch to Russian), which is a "classic" logo designer. The interface is somewhat similar to the usual photo editor, where it is possible to gradually add various elements (images, inscriptions, symbols) with the possibility of their customization.

Бесплатный конструктор логотипов онлайн
Designer online logos

Go to the website at . Among the features of the resource, there are ample opportunities for image individualization, Cyrillic support and the function to add your own image. For example, you can successfully combine the capabilities of the resource and the use of a photo editor and get a stylish and unique logo as a result of the work.

WEB 2.0 STYLr - Assistant in Graphic Logo Design

This resource is a simple and concise service for the design of unique logos.   online, which allows you to quickly and easily create your own logo. The main feature of the site is the overall rigor of the interface design and the proposed logo options. Go to the resource at .

Конструктор логотипов онлайн бесплатно
Home Logo Designer

In order to individualize your business and simplify its potential monetization, today it is not always necessary to resort to the expensive services of designers when creating graphic ligatures. With a certain degree of perseverance and basic skills in working on the Internet, you can use the concise logos designer online and get the coveted image for free, which at first can be a serious help.

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