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Nearby in the phone what is it

To date, there are several technologies for the transmission and interaction of these devices over the network. They are all peculiar. But companies and device manufacturers are not standing still. Google Inc. recently announced the creation of a new technology, which they called Nearby. It greatly simplifies the use of devices on Android and provides new features. Those who have already noticed information about Nearby are interested in what it is and how it works.

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Nearby - what is it in your phone?

Nearby is a broadband wireless and encrypted communication between devices, which works on the principle of P2P and does not require any data to connect to the Internet. It determines the parameters for the connection and creates an encrypted channel for all devices nearby. It features a stable signal and reliable connection.

This function is also translated as "My environment". The wireless network extends within a radius of 30 meters, allowing you to search and interact with various services. The function will appear on Android devices 4.2 and above. On some devices it is available only with version 8.0. For communication technology uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Google Nearby is able to respond to other devices (in its radius), places, objects or people. Thus, with the help of the function, the erasure of barriers between devices is implemented, as well as the expansion of the boundaries of Android.

Nearby - функция в Android устройствах
Nearby - function in Android devices

Nearby function can be customized. Each user will be able to choose a device in his network with which it will interact. One of the main goals of Nearby on the phone is to fully automate the use of the Android device. Each process can be customized separately, up to purchases in the store. Some services are already interacting with Nearby. The company cited several such examples. Entering the hotel room, she immediately "feels" the owner and regulates the comfortable temperature in the room. Smart TV will find for your user favorite TV channels, which he usually watches most.

Nearby already interacts well with the Hotstar file service. It is used where there is no Internet. The function has been set up with the GameInsight Guns of Boom application. It helps gamers to create a network in the absence of the Internet. The feature works with The Weather Channel, which creates a mesh network. With the help of it is the transfer of urgent news about various phenomena of nature and cataclysms occurring throughout the world. The good news for users is that Nearby technology works with older Android devices. But it requires the installed version 11 of Google Play.

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How to enable the wireless function

What we know about this Nearby, now let's look at the activation of the technology. Turning on Nearby function on Android devices is very simple. It is in the settings.

  1. Tap the Settings button on your Android device. In different versions it can be in different places. On tablets, it can be found on the right by swiping from the bottom upwards from the bottom of the screen. Or swipe down from the top edge to make the “curtain” standard for this OS and select the “Settings” item.

    Кнопка "Настройки" в Android устройстве
    "Settings" button in Android device
  2. Here, find the item "Google" and click on it.
  3. Inside, look for the Nearby parameter and select.

    Функция Nearby в настройках устройства
    Nearby function in device settings
  4. The device will provide you with the ability to activate Bluetooth technology and the provision of geodata. Here you need to activate the proposed functions. You can also connect to the Internet to browse sites from devices that are part of the Nearby network.

    Активация Bluetooth и геоданных при включении функции Nearby
    Activate Bluetooth and geodata when you turn on Nearby

Nearby technology is activated. But until such time as devices with this active function appear in the network radius, you will not see anything here. This feature can be customized. For this user provides a lot of options. For example, you can prohibit the display of visited sites on other devices.

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Ways to create a network for this technology

There are 2 ways to create a Nearby network in your phone. In the first case, one user is the creator of the network, like the main server. All other devices are connected to it. The main device can customize how Nearby works for all the gadgets on this network. In the second case, all devices are equivalent and can customize how the technology works in their own way. This method is suitable for those who want to play games with friends. The only condition for creating such a network is the presence of Nearby on all devices.

Gamers can use technology to simplify the game. For example, there are 2 Android devices. You can use one of them as a control panel for the game (steering wheel with a button panel, a game interface), and the other as a display of what is happening in the game or the game itself.

Nearby working principle

Nearby technology can be disabled in the same window where it is activated. The technology does not collect, store, transmit any user data. It uses only one-way broadcast. This is similar to the principle of transmitting a signal to a television or radio. Transmission signals are encrypted with smart algorithms and cannot be recognized. Applications that support Nearby communicate through a dedicated remote Google server after you agree to this. Connected devices through one application are not connected directly.

Сеть из устройств с функцией Nearby
Network of devices with Nearby function

Difficulties in connecting Nearby on the phone

If there are any difficulties in connecting two or more Android devices with Nearby technology, try to position them all so that they are exactly within a radius of less than 30 meters. If it is residential premises, it is necessary to connect devices to the network as close as possible to the device one to one. After establishing the connection, you can try to increase the distance.

Make sure that all devices have an application that supports the technology. When searching for games with Nearby in the Google Play search bar, you need to write “Games with Nearby”. However, not all applications and games make full use of this feature. In order to make sure that the function is fully implemented, you must contact the developer and find out.

If there is still no connection, make sure this Nearby feature is enabled on all devices. How to activate Nearby, see the description above. After that, go to the technology page on your phone and click on the rounded arrow indicating to refresh, next to the settings icon. The connection has not yet been established - contact Google support and explain the reason for the request. If the device does not have this technology, it means your phone is not designed to support it and the function cannot be downloaded or activated in your case.

Applications with Nearby

The innovations of large corporations are closely watched by all services. After the announcement of Google's new feature, after a while several well-known applications and social networks announced it at once. It was created several services that are based on this technology. For example, a local search for Nearby, which allows you to scan such a network for the necessary information. It is already possible to find in the store special maps that display the necessary locations for cafes, museums and municipal institutions. So this Nearby application on your phone will certainly become useful and one of the frequently used functions.

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