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Users of the Internet, mobile communications and other similar services are often met by the little-known name of the company - MTT OJSC. What kind of organization it is and what it offers - you will learn about it from this article. You will also be able to read in detail the user feedback on the quality of the services provided and other details on the topic.

The content of the article:

The history of the organization

— это одна из самых крупных телекоммуникационных организаций в России. Interregional Transit Telecom (MTT) is one of the largest telecommunications organizations in Russia. Provides various services in different information areas. The company is a provider, telephone operator, virtual PBX.

It was formed in 1994. The services of international and long-distance telephony began to provide from March 2006. Since then, becoming the first and influential competitor of the company "Rostelecom". MTT OJSC connects more than 300 networks of various Russian operators. And also more than 50 foreign communication networks. The company's services are provided by code 58 - for long-distance communication and 53 - for international networks.

One of the first radio transit hubs was established by MTT in 1995. The following year, another was created in St. Petersburg. Already in 2005, the company launched several services, such as "Televoting", "Access to customer services" and others. Today the company is in the top ten in providing telecommunication services in the Russian market. In 2016, she won one of the most popular awards for IT companies - Runet Prize for her contribution to the development of the Russian Internet.

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What services does MTT provide?

What you need to know about MTT? Almost all services of MTT are provided in a package with other services. They are divided among themselves by type and purpose. Each client can independently “collect” such packages and pay according to the price of the included services.

Each client can use:

  • number 8 900 for their firms or companies. It is possible to rent service numbers starting at 8,800. Calls to them from your customers will be free of charge;

    Виртаульные номера
    Allocation of virtual service numbers
  • IP telephony services are voice communication by means of the Internet. It is characterized by prices significantly lower than mobile or urban communications. For example, for calls to Germany, the cost per minute will be 0.23 rubles. In one of these packages there are always internal work numbers where employees of one company can communicate for free. And it does not depend on their location. To understand what kind of company MTT is, it is important to know all this;
  • Virtual PBX for mobile - special SIM cards that make the mobile phone work. They are already included in the virtual PBX database and your company's network. No need for internet. Calls from such a device will cost as per IP telephony rates. An example of the price can be seen above. Such SIM cards allow you to keep statistics on all your calls, as well as take into account the cost of spending on calls;
  • Call recording - the service allows you to record conversations between customers and managers. Based on these conversations, you can train your employees to work on failures. Thus reducing the number of refusal of services and increasing sales of the company;

    Запись разговоров
    MTT service - Call Recording
  • Short and beautiful numbers - the company allocates special numbers for its customers. Everyone can order rooms with asterisks or other types of combinations. The database has simple and easy to remember combinations of digits of the number, for example, 8 800 555-11-22. Often service numbers can be heard in advertisements. They are voiced in rhyme, so that customers can easily remember and call it. The same results can be achieved when using short service numbers;

    Просты номера
    Service - “Simple numbers” of MTT company
  • The organization OJSC MTT offers its customers service SMS-messages. They can enhance your company's reputation in the eyes of potential customers. Often such services can solve different situations for customers. For example, in a restaurant, the owner may leave such an appeal at the entrance “Send a message if you are not satisfied with the quality of the waiter’s service”;
  • Special widgets for websites are scripts developed by MTT programmers. They are designed to make any site more convenient and increase sales.

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Customer reviews of MTT OJSC

What kind of organization is MTT OJSC for reviews? Most users leave feedback on dedicated virtual service numbers provided by MTT. In the network a lot of opinions about the quality of their services. Some argue that the services are easy and simple to use. Others say that it is easy to just place an order, but with the occurrence of problems and problems, technical support does not respond. Or, users are advised to switch to another tariff plan without any assistance in the current problem.

Satisfied users indicate the quality of their services, good support from the operator and low prices for tariffs. Compared with prices of other companies. Popular widgets for sites. After their placement, the flow of real customers increases. The most popular widget is a form of quick communication with representatives of the organization on the site. Here, anyone interested can leave their contacts and ask to call back to the number provided.

Also, users note the convenience and availability of services in all regions of Russia. MTT has a business partnership with many organizations. Therefore, employees of your company can order food by phone at the workplace. At the same time calls to delivery numbers are free. Other similar numbers are available for those using MTT services.

Положительный отзыв
Positive user feedback MTT services

The feedback service is often the target of customer dissatisfaction. Many argue that it does not always work well. And in case of problems with the services of MTT, you can wait for a long time to answer the support call. Often the operator promises to call back because of the line load. But this answer can be expected forever. For multiple calls, the operator simply drops the call.

Отрицательный отзыв
Negative user feedback

Company contacts MTT

Like other companies, MTT has the address of the location of the main building, as well as contacts for communication. It is located at: Moscow, st. Marksistskaya, d. 22, building 1. The company has several branches, including in Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. If necessary, you can contact representatives:

  • For the toll free service number - 8800 333 3140. You can call at any time of the day;
  • You can write to the company email box:, as well as to the state sector -;
  • Mail for partners -

    Расположение главного корпуса
    The location of the main building MTT in Moscow

If it is convenient for you, you can use the feedback form on the company's website at . On this page there is a form next to the provided contacts. In it, you can create a statement in support without having to call or write to the mail.

  1. In the form, enter your first name, last name and middle name. They must correspond to the data that you specified in the contract;
  2. Below, enter your mobile phone number in international format;
  3. In the next field, enter the email address and in the last field - write the appeal itself.

When the message is formed, check the box below. It signifies your consent to the processing of recorded data. And press the button to send an appeal to the MTT organization.

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” Commentary “ MTT OJSC What Organization

  1. Number +79586127019 belongs to the operator of OJSC "MTT" in the region of Rostov region.

    They are calling and dumping, not for the first time from the Rostov region, I read about a similar number, that they want to call back and in this way take good money for it

    dial with bsros. crooks

    Stable in one two weeks call and take off, spam - advertising. Blacklist and everything is OK.

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