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Ltd. EOS what kind of organization

In Russia, there are quite a lot of collection offices. EOS has a special status. This organization has managed to reach the international level. Although the type of activity and the types of services they provide are no different from competitors. In this article, you will learn what kind of organization EOS LLC is.

The content of the article:

Basic information about EOS Ltd.

Limited Liability Company EOS has a state license and is included in the register of collectors. She was assigned the registration number of the record 13/17/77000-KL, which can be found on the website of the Federal Service. The organization consists of 40 companies that provide their services in more than 20 different countries. The staff of the ECO has about 3 thousand. The company offers services such as:

  • Directed work with debtors at the international level
  • Debt purchase from financial institutions
  • Debt recovery

EOS provides paid services and has the requisites for paying debts: TIN 7714704125, KPP - 771001001, OGRN - 7077758117117. Most often, customers prefer to search for the recipient by TIN.

Organization Address

For Russian clients, the head office of EOS LLC is located in Moscow at ul. Tverskaya 12, building 9. The company has its own Internet resources. They are the official website: . And also several times a year, articles are published in their own journal EOS Journal. Here is a report on the work done for the year, covers all the news that are associated with the organization. More information can be found on the website of this agency. We have learned what kind of office EOS LLC is, now we will deal with the payment of debts.

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Where can I pay my debt to the company EOS

If you do not want to meet with EOS representatives, you can pay your debts online. To do this, there is a form of payment using the Master Card and Visa on the official website. To make a payment:

  1. Open the company's website;
  2. Sign up if you don't already have an account;
    Форма регистрации

      Registration form on the website of EOS LLC
  3. Open the Online Redemption section;
  4. Select a Payment Method;
  5. Fill out the form and pay your debt.

EOS Agency complies with the laws on personal data of clients. When making a payment, all rights are regulated by the Best2Pay International Center. This means that when you pay your details to EOS employees are not visible. They will see only basic information: who made the payment. Payment is made using a secure connection through the TLS 1.2 protocol.

How to conduct a dialogue with representatives of collection agencies

Many lawyers advise citizens to record, if possible, all negotiations with representatives of collection offices. Means for recording telephone conversations can be a voice recorder. If you are visited by collectors, you can take pictures of your meeting. These materials will do a good job when considering controversial issues in court. You can prove that illegal actions were taken on the part of the collectors (if they really were). Do not be afraid of such employees. Their actions towards debtors were limited by law in 2017.

As soon as you received a threat from the representatives of this organization LLC EOS in the form of promises of damage to your property, reprisals, and so on, immediately contact the law enforcement agencies for help. Often, these people are too bold with debtors, thinking that they are dealing with legally illiterate citizens.

Отдел взысканий
Collection department

You can contact the collection office itself and explain to the representative that their employees are behaving incorrectly. Report that you intend to go where you should and file a complaint. In this case, they will reconsider their attitude towards you. If they do not help you here, contact the appropriate services for help.

If you need any data collection office - contact phone number, location of offices and more, then you can go to the site and find all the information here. In the section "If you have a debt" collected tips on what to do in this situation. The section “Personal offers” contains information that the company is ready to carry on a dialogue with the borrower and will listen to any proposals for solving the current situation.

Special program for debtors of EOS LLC

Collection offices cause only negative emotions among citizens. This is due to the fact that in many disputable situations it comes to court. But in practice there are exceptions. The company has a special discount program, according to which citizens actively cooperating with the EOS office receive some discounts on the payment of their debts. If you are a debtor and you are informed that your debt has been purchased by the EOS office, you can visit the site and open the “Debtors” section where you can read more about the special program of the EOS LLC organization for debtors. One of the opinions can look at the video.

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