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LLC NSV what kind of organization

Nowadays there are a large number of organizations. Most of all it is mediation that provide services to larger organizations. In this article we will consider one of these - LLC NSV, what kind of organization it is and what it does.

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What does LLC NSV do

Organization LLC NSV has the full name: Limited Liability Company "National Recovery Service." Simply put - this is another collection office. In the registry, it has the identification code 7728551797. There are 650 employees in this company. Has 1 institution, which is located at - Moscow, st. Ordzhonikidze, house 11, building ½. This service has contact and other data:

  • Telephone for communication - 8 495 363 13 30;
  • Website: ;
  • Primary state registration number: 1057748047675;
  • Number of the all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations: 78370206;
  • Email:

The organization was established in 2005. At that time, it had another name - Pristav debt agency. The main focus of the company is to provide debt management services at various stages of recovery: executive, pre-trial, and court. Like RSV LLC , it represents the interests of banks, mobile operators, insurance services and other enterprises that sell products and goods on a loan.

Today, the organization provides services in more than 80 regions of Russia. Almost all have their own branches. Included in NAPCA (National Association of Professional Collection Agencies). In addition, he is a member of a number of international associations - Global Credit Solutions, ACA International. As well as EOS LLC , it also provides services not only in the Russian Federation, but also in other countries (120 countries).

All list of activities of LLC NSV

Consider a complete list of the activities of the organization LLC NSV.

  • Redemption of “bad debts” from companies and financial organizations;
  • Help organizations improve their balance sheet by reducing overdue debt;
  • Providing preventive measures - working with data, determining the degree of business reliability, monitoring the execution of points of a contract by business partners, etc.
  • The organization provides assistance in the preparation of documents for lawsuits, in obtaining judicial acts or executive documents;
  • Work at the level of customer notifications via SMS messages, written copies of consignments to the debtor, visits to debtors at the registration address, conversation using phone calls.

    LLC NSV collection organization

What if representatives call you?

If a person has an outstanding, overdue loan, then calls from representatives of the organization NSV LLC are possible. Most often, bank customers who do not pay their debt obligations on time should notify that the debt has been sold to a collection office. Most people do not know how to communicate with such people. No matter what the employees of LLC NSV tell you, remember that without a court decision they are powerless.

  • If you are at that stage of conversation with representatives of collection services, when they begin to threaten you or make calls at 2 am, record all conversations with them. If you want them to be less assertive and rude to you. Tell them that you write down all their words;
  • It is necessary to record not only conversations. Mark also the dates when you get in touch, try to find out the name and surname (and other data) of the service representative;
  • All SMS messages from the collection service and banks must be saved;
  • If the employee does not answer your questions about the full name, you can hang up and not continue the conversation with an unknown person;
  • If the collectors came to your address for the conversation, first of all, ask them for a copy of the documents that your loan was purchased by their organization.

All data (SMS, dates, surnames) is better to transfer to paper, so as not to lose or not accidentally delete. They will help you in your court case.

Рассмотрение дела
Consideration of the case in court

Reviews about LLC NSV

We have learned what LLC NSV is, now let's analyze what they are saying about networking. Like other similar collection services in LLC NSV are guided by many well-known measures. At first they try to contact the debtor by phone. They are invited to visit the organization and pay part of the debt in order not to aggravate the situation. If the client does not fulfill these requirements, they begin to call him at different times of the day. SMS messages with threatening text come. The client is frightened by personal visits to the address of residence.

On the Internet you can find more number of different stories related to this organization LLC NSV. Users write that previously the service was engaged in the usual intimidation and demands to pay huge sums, even those who never took loans from the bank. Today, such stories are becoming rare. Employees of collection offices begin to work within the law, which is good news.

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