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Scartel LLC, what is this company operator

To date, there are 15 active mobile operators in the Russian Federation and 6 are under development or beta testing. Most of these people in Russia have not even heard of many of these operators. Nevertheless, they also provide high-quality mobile services and other services and are also successfully developing. One of these operators is Scartel LLC. What kind of organization you will find out later in this article.

Мобильный оператор "Скартел"

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Scartel LLC is a telecommunications company of the Russian Federation, which distributes its services under the Yota brand. The main office of the organization is located in the city of St. Petersburg. To date, the official site is Shareholder Scartel in Russia is a company from Cyprus - WiMax Holding Ltd. It, in turn, is owned by the Telconet Capital Limited Partnership fund (about 75% of the shares), the balance of shares in Russian Technologies.

In 2014, Scartel LLC joined the support and development of the new mobile operator Yota. According to the company, at the end of the same year, more than 1.2 million subscribers connected to the mobile network. As of the end of 2015, 4G networks were launched in 40 regions of the Russian Federation. Yota was the result of a merger of assets of two large companies - Scartel LLC and Megafon.

Yota и Мегафон
Cooperation Yota and Megaphone

Wireless Internet operator Scartel, which is more recognized by the Yota brand, proved to everyone that even a young company with the right investors can become a worthy player among veterans of the telecommunications market. The company immediately took the right course, buying two small operators in 2008 and soon the whole world learned about Yota. I think you understand what kind of company it is and what Scartel LLC is doing.

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Yota launch and development history

In 2006, Denis Sverdlov, one of the owners of a large company, Korus Consulting, and another entrepreneur, Sergey Adonyev, decided to create for the first time in Russia a mobile operator that will work on the basis of the new, then still, data technology Wireless Man (WiMAX). The name “Yota” was invented by one of the businessmen during the SMS correspondence. In the middle of 2008, the Scartel company was the first in the Russian Federation to connect the Wireless Man networks in the territory of the two largest cities of Russia - St. Petersburg and Moscow with a range of 2.7 MHz.

WiMAX connection
Connecting Wireless Man networks

In 2010, the company Yota told the press about its plans for the transition from WiMAX technology to a newer - LTE. In August, the first trial launch of the new standard network took place. In 2015, Yota provides all subscribers with Internet services on LTE technology in 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

When Yota with LTE network went up, the big four mobile operators - Megafon, MTS, Rostelecom and Vympel also discovered that they needed these networks. But, unfortunately, there are no free pages, because the company Yota took all possible. This is where the problems of a young company began. Suddenly, Roskomnadzor canceled its permission to issue frequencies. The Scartel company has appealed to the court, and the Roskomnadzor general director has appealed to an old friend, then still, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Everything was resolved by the signing of the “big four” and “Scartel” memorandum on the joint operation of LTE networks in the presence of Vladimir Vladimirovich. Later, its frequencies returned to the "Skartel".

Mobile operator Yota

As a mobile operator Yota appeared in 2014. The operator was launched on the basis of the united networks "Megaphone" and "Scartel". In August of the same year, all those who designed pre-orders were issued SIM-cards in 6 regions - Moscow, Vladivostok, Vladimir, Tula, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk. By the end of 2015, SIM-cards are already sold in 52 regions of the Russian Federation.

The combined network of the two companies broadcasts only in the range of 2500-2700 MHz, therefore, where networks are built for lower frequencies, such as Syzran, Togliatti, etc., Yota does not provide its services due to the lack of 4G coverage. The company also produces SIM-cards for tablets, which allows the subscriber to select the desired speed of access to the network, as well as the size of the subscription fee for services.

The Yota company was the very first to refuse the tariffs in which the unlimited Internet was present. In January 2017, such tariff plans ceased to be distributed. The company offers its customers additional traffic to the main social applications.

Other information about Yota

Initially, a division took place within Yota to cover a wider range of services and products on Yota and Yota Devices. The department of Yota Devices was committed to developing various network devices - routers and modems. Later, Yota Devices left the company and became a separate organization. After some time, this company began developing a smartphone under a personal brand.

Перевернутый человек Naf
Yota logo

Yota company logo is made in the style of minimalism. It depicts an inverted man, standing on his hands, whose name is Nuf. If you read in English his name in advance, then get Fun - from English. fun. Thus, over time, the operator Scartel LLC became known as another name - Yota.

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