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How to type a dog on the keyboard

Most of the Internet users probably have an e-mail address. Thanks to the e-mail we can communicate with each other, register accounts in social networks, create accounts in online games and much more. Writing any e-mail is not complete without the dog symbol - @ , which is a mandatory attribute of any email address. At the same time, beginners do not always know how to type it on the keyboard, and pressing the "2" key, which shows the sign of a doggie, does not always lead to its appearance on the screen. In this article I will help such users and tell you how to type a dog on the keyboard, and what methods you can use for this.

If you do not know how to write the root using the keyboard , then you need to go to the appropriate article.

Вставляем символ собачка
Insert character doggy


Smart Application Controller what is this program

Some users may find the “Smart Application Controller” installed on their computer, and the users themselves often do not remember when they installed such a program. The functionality of this product is designed for remote control of other smart devices, and due to its limited functionality, this program is used quite rarely. In this article I will tell you what the Smart Application Controller program is, what it is intended for, and how to remove Smart Application Controller on your PC.

Описание приложения Smart Application Controller
Description of the application Smart Application Controller


What is a candy bar?

One of the essential properties of modern technology is their constant desire for compactness, ergonomics and efficiency. This is especially true of the production of personal computers, which are becoming smaller, more compact, more convenient, while their performance and computing power only increases every year. In this article, I will consider a competitor of the system unit of your PC called a "candy bar", I will describe what a candy bar is, tell you about its characteristic features, and also tell you what is better - a candy bar or laptop.

Описание моноблока
Description of monoblock


Why does not play music in the VC

It is no secret that many users of the social network "Vkontakte" come there just for the sake of music. The opportunity to enjoy your favorite movies and music for free attracts millions of users on VK, spending many hours of their time on the social network. At the same time, “Vkontakte” is not devoid of various bugs and glitches, which have significantly increased after the transition from “VK” to a new design. And especially such problems are relevant for music lovers, who repeatedly do not want to play on user computers and mobile devices. In this article I will tell why the music does not play in the VC, what are the causes of this phenomenon and how to fix it.

Слушаем песни во Вконтакте без проблем
We listen to songs in Vkontakte without any problems


How to password folder on your computer - 4 ways

Some users may need to keep some of their files private. This may be due to any commercial information, parental control, or simply a trivial desire to hide their files from others. One of the tools to implement the protection of your data can be setting a password to the folder you need, which will help protect your files from unwanted interest from outside. In this article I will tell you how to password folder on your computer, what tools will help us in this, and how to use their functionality. (Further…)