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Podolsk DTI what it is on postal and cash on delivery notice

Quite often, people find in their mailbox a cash on delivery notification Podolsk DTI, but what to do with it, from whom it is and why it is most likely not known. Further in this article we will try to understand everything and answer all these and other questions related to the notice.

Извещение ДТИ Подольск
Cash on delivery notice DTI Podolsk

The content of the article:

What is Podolsk DTI?

Each city in the Russian Federation has a special additional technological index (DTI), which is often used by government agencies to send various kinds of notifications, letters to citizens. In reality, this address does not exist, DTI is the conditional address of the sender. Usually, large cities have quite a lot of such automated centers. They exist in order to facilitate the work of post offices.

ДТИ Подольск
Additional technical index

If you want to know for sure the sender, then you need to find the notification code, it is under the bar code and enter it on any package tracking website.

  1. You can enter your code for example on this service .
  2. Enter a fourteen-digit number at the bottom of the screen and find the sender.

You can also find out more information on this letter, all the points through which it passed. The postal operator does not provide any information on this issue.

From whom this letter of notice with cash on delivery can come

A letter or package with cash on delivery means that the sender requires you (the recipient) to pay a certain amount before you receive the package or letter. Thus, government agencies can charge you for fines and other debts. Most often, notifications from the DTI Podolsk cash on delivery come to citizens who:

  • Have overdue loans in the bank.
  • Penalties for breaking the rules of the road (intersection double continuous, speeding, etc.).

    Письмо со штрафом с пометкой ДТИ
    Letter from DTI on violation of traffic rules
  • Notification from the Federal Tax Service on payment of any taxes, fines, late payments, etc.
  • Other notifications about fines, penalties and payments from various authorities.

Often such letters are received from other non-government agencies. For example, you ordered a product in the online store, but the package was delayed on the way, and you forgot about the order. There are a lot of such situations, because cash on delivery is most often used in network marketing.

Residents of some cities and regions of Russia receive notices in which another city or region is indicated. But the recipient has never been in this city. You might not have been in the city, but passed by and were stopped by a local traffic police inspector for violating traffic rules. As a result, you will receive a letter with a note of the city or region in which you were fined. There are cases when you are simply confused with a namesake from other cities. In this case, you must re-visit the post office and explain the situation.

Can I not receive such a letter

If you received a cash on delivery notification from DTI Podolsk, but you do not know for sure from whom it is and what is inside the letter, then the best solution would be to receive it. Letters with such notes come most often from state institutions, and ignoring only lead to worse consequences for you. If the letter reminds you about overdue loans and other debts, it is better to pay them on time. Otherwise, over time, your debt will be charged a penalty and you will have to pay a larger amount.

Notification from the arbitral tribunal

Many naively believe that if you do not sign on receiving a letter marked DTI Podolsk, then responsibility can be avoided. But this is far from the case. If the letter notifies you of the date of the court hearing, then the responsibility for the absence lies with you. Even if you are absent at the place of receipt of the letter and are in another city or country, a proxy who is close to your relative can receive the letter. Before leaving, you need to visit the post office and write a power of attorney for someone who can receive correspondence during your absence. Detailed information about the content you can get at the post office.

How and where to get a letter DTI Podolsk

To receive a letter with a mark Podolsk DTI, you must go to the post office nearest to your residence, taking with you the documents confirming your identity. Before that, you can advise you to contact the site (described above) for information on this letter. You may find that it is not addressed to you.

Very often mistakes happen, for example, traffic police fines are addressed to a person who does not have a car and has never had one. Receipts to pay land tax to people who have lived in a rented apartment and do not have a centimeter of their own land and other similar situations come.

In the mail notification with cash on delivery marked Podolsk DTI you will only need to sign, and you will get a letter or a parcel on hand.

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  1. Dti sent a parcel 5500 the sum is called from all the phones what they have is buy the parcel and then who can claim to show what is there in the parcel to the village of Nikakov’s grandfather’s address except for Dti I think it is a lohatron

  2. This is pure scam if there is no return address. Personally, I ran into him. I ordered one and got the wrong thing.

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