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Expansion of the range of packages at the MTS tariff: what it is and how to disable

Subscribers of the MTS mobile operator, when connecting to the Smart tariff plan, discovered unknown debiting of funds from the account, which even the support service cannot explain until they have verified some of your personal data. Even when dialing a USSD request for a personal account, subscribers will not find the necessary information on the write-off, it does not remain here. When withdrawing funds in the amount of 15 rubles, usually a message arrives at the number, which refers to the expansion of the use of the package at the current MTS tariff. How to disable and what kind of service - this will be discussed later in the article.

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What is this service "Expanding the range of packages"?

Write-off of 15 rubles with the message “Expansion of the range of packages at the MTS tariff” in conjunction, happens only to subscribers who are connected to the Smart tariff and who use mobile communication services in roaming. Each MTS subscriber has his own home region and if you leave it and cross the border, then you are charged 15 rubles per day, in addition to the monthly subscription fee. If you often have to leave your region, then a decent amount of up to 450 rubles can accumulate per month.

Пример статуса: Расширение зоны действия тарифа "Смарт" от МТС
Example status: Expansion of the Smart tariff zone from MTS

It is also necessary to know about the similar status of debiting from a mobile account - SMS Partner MTS .

Disable MTS paid service

In the current tariff plan, this service is not disabled. There is another way out of this situation. If you do not want the amount of 15 rubles to be withdrawn from your account, you must not use the MTS services at all. That is, do not call, do not use SMS-messages and do not use the mobile Internet outside of your home region. If you leave your region, you can use the services of another operator that is more loyal to its subscribers outside of your region or has special advantageous offers for its subscribers.

Тарификация "Смарт" за пределами домашнего региона
If you do not use services outside your home region, the funds will not be withdrawn

There is another way to reduce costs and avoid expanding the coverage of a package by traveling outside of your region - this is to connect the special option “All Russia”. Its cost will cost you 100 rubles per month. That way you can decide for yourself if you need this service. When crossing the home border, calls, SMS and the Internet will be charged at home.

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How to activate the service "All Russia"

To activate the service "All Russia" (with the expansion of the range of packages at the MTS tariff is deactivated), you need to visit the official website of MTS and go to your personal account.

Личный кабинет МТС
Login to your account on the MTS website
  • Locate the item "Service Management" in your account.

    Управление услугами
    Item "Service Management"
  • Next, click "Connect services."

    Подключение услуг
    Item "Connecting Services" on the MTS website
  • Find us the necessary option "All Russia" and activate it.

After that, you should receive a message about the successful activation of the option. Similar actions you can do through the application "My MTS", which you need to install (if you do not have it) on your smartphone. The application almost completely simulates a personal account on the official website, so there should be no problems with it.

You can activate the service "All Russia" by dialing a special USSD command. To do this, type the combination * 111 * 1031 # on the keyboard of your phone. Another excellent way out of this situation will be the transition to the tariff “Everywhere at Home”. Its peculiarity is that it can be connected only by subscribers of Smart +, as well as Smart Mini. To activate the service dial * 111 * 1021 # on your mobile.

After you withdraw funds from your account for expanding the range of packages, you will not be able to return them. Therefore, it is desirable to connect profitable options in advance.

How to change your MTS tariff

If you are not satisfied with your Smart tariff plan, you can change it to any other. You can familiarize yourself with every tariff available today, at . To change your tariff, you can use an SMS message, which must be sent to the number 111 with a special code that corresponds to its tariff. Here are the basic rates and their code values:

  • Smart + - 1025.
  • Super MTS - 8888.
  • Red Energy -
  • Guest - 741.
  • Ultra - 777.
  • Smart -
  • MTS Connect-4 - 307.

To get more detailed information on tariffs, to expand this list, visit the MTS website and find the special tab “Tariffs and discounts”, find “All tariffs” in it. You can use the search on the site and find the necessary section on it. Some packages have a special option “Single tariff change for free”. In this case, you have the opportunity to change your tariff plan for free. For the rest, the exact amount is indicated on the portal for each tariff. If you already know the name of the future tariff, you can again use the search on the site to go to the detailed information on it.

You can call the operator MTS and discuss all the details that interest you by changing the current tariff and write-off with the status of "Expansion of package coverage at the rate." To do this, dial 08460 or 0890. Both of these numbers are available throughout the Russian Federation.

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  1. I’m a subscriber of this roguish egg-head office for 15 years, the constant connection of “services”, unsaid tariffs, poor communication and now more than 15 rubles a day have been written off for “Extending the range of packages according to the MTS tariff” ... All MTS questions now want to answer only with the middle finger. I am leaving and I will never contact these scammers anymore.

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