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Over the past months, webmasters of sites could see the warning “reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” or “V1 SHUTDOWN ON 2018-03-31” on the visual form of traditional recaptcha. Usually this is due to the need to upgrade outdated recaptcha (v1) to the current second version (v2), which has improved features and functionality. Let us examine in more detail what this means and what to do when the message “reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” appears.

Одно из таких уведомлений о скором отказе от первой версии рекапчи
One of such notifications about the early rejection of the first version of recaptcha

The content of the article:

Features transition from reCAPTCHA V1 to V2

As you know, reCAPTCHA is a free service from Google that allows you to protect websites from the harmful effects of automatic software. Rekapcha is presented in the form of a special widget, and is used on sites that involve various forms of user input - various contact forms, various comments, posts on forums and so on. Rekapcha uses various forms of technical analysis and a machine learning system to distinguish people from bot programs.

Until 2016, users massively used version 1.0 (v1). In May 2016, Google announced a gradual abandonment of API v 1.0, while the final abandonment of the first version was scheduled for March 31, 2018. From November 2017, webmasters of websites started receiving notifications on a visual form of recaptcha about the soonest disconnection of the first version of the product (“reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN”) or about deactivation of the first version, which was assigned on 31.03.2018 (“V1 SHUTDOWN ON 2018- 03-31 ").

As an alternative, Google offered webmasters to install a second version of the recaptcha - “reCAPTCHA V2 API on JavaScript”. The latter has three main types (forms):

  • The reCAPTCHA V2 itself is in the form of a checkbox;
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA (background verification);
  • reCAPTCHA Android (library for Android applications).

Now Google offers intro for the third version of recaptcha . To solve the problem of reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN, we need a second version of the recaptcha, the installation algorithm of which will be discussed below.

Альтернативное уведомление о деактивации с 31.03.18 г.
Alternative deactivation notification from 03/31/18

What to do to fix reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN

The simplest and most logical way to fix the reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN problem is to update the recaptcha to the second version (v2). To do this, go to the corresponding Google site , register your resource there, if necessary, and carry out the integration process of recaptcha following simple prompts on the site (you will need to add a fragment to the HTML code of your resource). After that, the problem will be solved, and the warning about the need to update the recaptcha will disappear.

In case, if you are a regular user, and you see a similar inscription on recaptcha (or recaptcha with such an inscription does not work properly), I recommend to notify the administrator of this site. It is also worth clearing the cache of your browser, or use an alternative browser that will probably work better with recaptcha.  


The appearance of the message “reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” means that your resource uses an outdated version of the recaptcha (V1) that needs to be updated. It is recommended to go to the corresponding Google resource, and follow simple prompts to update the recaptcha to the current second version.

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