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Sharapovo DTI what is it on the mail notification

Periodically, citizens receive correspondence at their address with the acronym Sharapovo DTI. What it is on the mail notification - very few people know. After all, apart from these letters, information about the sender is no more. In any case, there is no reason to panic. It is only necessary to recall whether the recipient has any debts. Usually, such letters are sent by the state services of the Russian Federation, traffic police, tax inspectors.

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What is DTI?

First you need to know what these 3 letters mean in the sender's field after Sharapovo.

DTI is an additional address. This means that the letter came from a special automated center for forwarding and sorting correspondence. This address is virtual, it has no legal address. There is also no hotline or officials who could give certain information. You can find out only the city in which this center is located.

Пример извещения ZK
ZK notification example

It can be concluded that the letter marked on the Sharapovo mail notification DTI came from the sorting center at Moscow, Sharapovo with the index 102975. Other symbols can be found next to the DTI, for example, GTSMPP is a center of long-distance traffic, it has about 50 branches and also redirects correspondence. ASC mark means automated sorting center. The most active is the Moscow ASC, which handles a quarter of all the country's correspondence.

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From whom can come a letter marked DTI

Having received the letter Sharapova DTI on the mail notification, it is safe to say that it came from the public service. Often, the envelope indicates the state structure that conveys information to the addressee. Most often, the notice comes:

  • from the pension fund;
  • bailiff services;
  • insurance companies, banks;
  • tax inspections;
  • housing and communal enterprises.

What can be in the notice Sharapovo DTI

Inside the envelope there can be any kind of receipt for payment or overdue credit, as well as offers of an advertising nature. From the bank may come special lucrative offers for a loan under favorable conditions, messages about the debt to repay the loan, offers to issue a new credit card. Sometimes in this way the client is sent an activation code to the public services website. I think you figured out what it is Sharapovo DTI on the letter.

Извещение об оплате административного штрафа
Notice of payment of an administrative fine

Pensioners may receive notification of retirement savings. Insurance companies use correspondence to inform you about the best deals for their clients. If the letter is sent from judicial institutions, then it may contain a court decision.

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Find out the sender of the notice DTI

Surely you can find out who sent the mail notification with information about the sender "Sharapovo DTI" on the site " Russian Post ". This service does not require user credentials or account creation. This is very convenient for those who use the service very rarely. To determine you need only a combination of numbers under the bar code. There should be a total of 14 characters. You need to enter them on the main page of the site in the field “Track”. After that, the system will automatically find information in its database and will give all the items that passed the letter.

Онлайн-сервис "Почта России", где можно определить отправителя
Online service "Russian Post", where you can determine the sender

This way you can determine the state structure that sent the letter. But getting information about the contents inside the envelope is possible only after opening the notice. They are awarded upon presentation of a passport and after the signature of the recipient. In no other way can you find out about the nature of the received letter.

Letter marked Sharapova DTI may come by mistake

It happens that the letters come in error or namesake of the addressee. And, of course, the recipient cannot understand what it is and who could send a letter to Sharapova DTI. If it is determined that the letter is addressed incorrectly, do not ignore it. In this case, you must take a passport and go to the nearest post office. After all, it is also possible that an error occurred in the information when creating a letter, but it is addressed correctly.

In any case, the recipient can make a response letter of disagreement within 10 days. It must be attached to the received envelope. After that, the application will go to the appropriate institution from which the letter came.

What happens if you do not receive a letter from DTI

Some recipients think that if you ignore the notice of DTI Sharapovo about paying fines or debt on a loan, then you can not pay. Under any circumstances, you still have to pay even if you didn’t know what kind of letter it was with the note Vblizi D. Sharapovo . And the late fee will only increase. The same applies to other debts. After the recipient presented the document, gave his painting and received a letter - it is considered that he is familiar with the information contained in it.

It is very beneficial to use DTI for government agencies. Especially for those who do not have a postal address. They can send a large number of letters to citizens, and automated centers will take care of their delivery themselves. Thus, the mail notification marked Sharapovo DTI came from the automated center for sorting correspondence Sharapovo.

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  1. What to do if a letter came to a person who has long died? Neither I, nor my sister and mother can receive this letter!

  2. Joom
    govnomagazin. contact in any way, on the Russian Federation is not tracked. The post of the Russian Federation refuses to find the parcel by name, they ask for the track, they receive the track - we do not track the parcels from China, contact the sender. Pi *** u some. Vicious circle.

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